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10 Bargain Law Schools

No matter where you decide to attend law school, tuition will be expensive! However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t bargain schools out there. Below are 10 law schools that have all been ranked by the U.S. News World Report on education within the top 100 law schools. This list is then organized by tuition price. Keep in mind, though, that how much tuition you pay can depend on whether or not you are a resident of the state where your law school is located. That said, residency requirements are often lenient enough that you can claim residency (i.e. pay the lower “resident” tuition rates) after your first year of school.

The decision where you should go law school is a complex one, and while price is most certainly a concern, there are other factors that you should also consider. Most law school graduates face staggering debt. What a lot of incoming law students don’t realize, though, is that the more money you owe in student loans, the less freedom you may have to choose which jobs you take, which city you live in, and even whether to buy a house or start a family later on down the road. Choosing a law school that offers the degree program you’re looking for at a lower price can definitely keep these numbers down, which can, in turn, open up more flexible options once you graduate.

With that in mind, here are the 10 cheapest law schools ranked in the top 100. You can click on the name of each school for more data, such as class size, gender ratios, and admission deadlines. Each link will also take you to a brief profile of each school, which details its law school programs and gives you a short summary.

One final note, just as the tuition price tag isn’t everything, neither are school rankings. There are some great schools out there that are unranked, or ranked lower. When deciding on which law school is right for you, make sure you’re considering the whole picture, and what matters to you personally.

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Brigham Young University (Clark) – Provo, UT

Top law school

$11,620 per year (LDS member, full-time);

$23,240 per year (Non-LDS member, full-time)

Student-faculty ratio: 12.9:1

Employed at graduation: 48.3%

Median private sector starting salary: $90,000

Median public service starting salary: $46,231 More

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