Mar 15 2020

Online Master – s Degree Programs – Capella University, online masters degree.

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Online Master’s Degree Programs

Your motivation and dedication show when you advance your education. Meet employers’ needs and reach for your potential at the same time with an online master’s degree from Capella.


Gain the advanced knowledge and practical skills valued by employers with an online master’s degree in business.

Master of Business Administration

Hone your business management skills through accounting, finance, and marketing, and gain knowledge of business systems, processes, and technology across disciplines.

MS in Human Resource Management

Boost your HR expertise and gain the key leadership skills you need to consult with internal customers, partner with business leaders, and improve business environments.

Information Technology

Earn an online master’s degree in information technology, and gain the right skills to move ahead in this growing field.

MS in Analytics

Work with tools like SAS, R, Python, and Tableau to expand your skills in data mining, statistics, analytics, modeling, and forecasting, and turn data into solutions.

MS in Information Technology

Grow the skills you need to solve real-world problems in your workplace. Learn to manage complex technology systems and risk mitigation, and evaluate business data.

MS in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity

Learn to assess cybersecurity risks and design solutions to protect the information assets and enterprise IT infrastructures of organizations.


Build the skills and knowledge to empower others and help them overcome their greatest challenges with an online master’s degree in counseling.

MS in Addiction Studies

Gain graduate-level, evidence-based counseling skills in the growing field of substance abuse treatment to help individuals and their families struggling with addiction.

MS in School Counseling

Gain the skills and knowledge to help K-12 students succeed in school, explore career options, and develop socially while addressing issues facing children and teens.

MS in Human Behavior

Advocate, lead, or consult in the field of human behavior with a curriculum that applies contemporary human behavior theory and research to social and behavioral programs.

MS in Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy

Gain knowledge and develop clinical skills to assist individuals, couples, and families to resolve difficulties and strengthen relationships.

MS in Mental Health Counseling

Empower your clients to overcome challenges as you gain advanced professional skills by applying counseling theories and research to contemporary clinical practice.


Build your theoretical knowledge and research and practical skills to make a bigger impact in your field with an online master’s degree in psychology.

MS in Psychology

Gain entry into the psychology field by applying psychological theories, research methods, and evidence-based practices and principles to your knowledge of human behavior.

MS in Clinical Psychology

Deepen your knowledge of human behavior through the scientific study of mental disorders, standardized assessments, and exposure to the theories of psychotherapy.


Build leadership skills that enhance your contributions to educational institutions with an online master’s degree in education.

MS in Higher Education

Become an expert in adult and post-secondary education–focus on learning theory, leadership, administration, education trends, and the needs of diverse learners.

MS in Education Innovation and Technology

Impact your classrooms with technology—learn to integrate devices into course plans, teach innovative thinking through technology, and achieve digital transformation.

MS in Education

Build on what you know and help students achieve while specializing in your chosen educational field—options include K-12 studies and early childhood education.

Master of Education

Become a master educator through a series of foundational courses—paired with your choice of specialized courses—that teach the advanced skills you need to lead a modern classroom.

Health Sciences

Position yourself to become a leader in the expanding, evolving field of health care with an online master’s degree in health administration or public health.

Master of Health Administration

Learn to improve the patient experience, keep health care costs down, and work with others to boost the health of the greater population in this interprofessional program.

Master of Public Health

Prepare to improve the health of populations and learn to develop solutions to create healthy communities and improve heath access for diverse groups.


Seize the opportunity to help improve patient and systems outcomes with an online master’s degree in nursing.

Master of Science in Nursing

Deepen your knowledge of health care systems and policies, as well as patient education and health promotion while choosing a specialization that aligns to your personal goals.

Public Service

An online master s degree in criminal justice, emergency management, or public administration can help you learn to lead and manage in the public sector, while collaborating with colleagues in other professions.

MS in Criminal Justice

Deepen your understanding of human behavior, public policy, and social change in criminal justice, and grow your leadership skills through real-world simulations.

MS in Emergency Management

Gain in-depth expertise in coordinating emergency management, from preparation to mitigation to response and recovery, and learn to lead in the field.

Master of Public Administration

Grow the skills needed to work with diverse populations, manage public resources, and formulate responses to public administration, public health, and public safety issues.

Social Work Human Services

An online master s degree in social work or human services will help you develop skills to better advocate for those you serve.

MS in Human Services

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to help serve our changing world with an advanced degree in human services.

Master of Social Work

Gain advanced leadership skills and prepare to step into a general or clinical practice (in most states) in a management or supervisory role offering social work services.

Master of Social Work, Advanced Standing

Already have a BSW? Build on your foundational knowledge, gain advanced leadership skills, and prepare for general or clinical practice (in most states) or a management or supervisory role.

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