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California Criminal Laws, criminal laws.

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California Criminal Laws

California’s criminal statutes identify a wide range of illegal conduct that is made punishable by sanctions like imprisonment and fines. While many of its criminal laws and sanctions are similar to those of other states, California is unique in a number of ways. For instance, marijuana possession in the state is a minor offense punishable by a modest fine. However, California also has overcrowded prisons and has received numerous complaints from inmates about inhumane conditions. The pages below provide links to statutes, with select overviews, penalty ranges, and resources on a number of crimes, including assault, theft, DUI, and drug crimes.

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Learn About California Criminal Laws

California Capital Punishment Laws

A brief introduction to California capital punishment laws, with a listing of the relevant statutory provisions, links to related resources, and additional tools for researching the law.

California Gun Control Laws

The basics of gun control laws in California, which are some of the strictest in the nation; including a list of illegal firearms and conditions for gun ownership bans.

California Sexual Assault Laws

An overview of California sexual assault laws and the meaning of “sexual battery,” which is elevated to the more-serious charge of “rape” when it leads to non-consensual intercourse.

California Drug Cultivation Laws

Overview of drug cultivation and manufacturing laws in California, which typically address the growing of marijuana (legal for qualified patients) and the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

California Identity Theft Laws

Information about California laws prohibiting identity theft, which the state defines as the unlawful use of another individual’s personally identifying data (such as Social Security number and birth date).

California Racketeering Laws

General overview of racketeering laws in California, which prohibit criminal activities carried out on behalf of a criminal enterprise (organized crime), such drug distribution or money laundering.

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