Mar 16 2020

Executive LLM Chicago, Academics: Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, llm guide.

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Executive LLM Chicago

Llm guide

Program Structure

The Executive LLM Chicago (ELLMC) is a unique and accelerated Master of Laws program for global lawyers seeking an LLM. This program, designed for working professionals, enables international law graduates to earn an LLM from a top law school in a single summer, from May through August.

The curriculum, organized to allow students to qualify for the California Bar Exam,* contains course topics carefully selected to maximize knowledge and practical skills in managing legal aspects of business transactions conducted within the United States, or with U.S. based companies. Students learn about the law governing the financial and commercial aspects of business as well as M A and Corporate Governance. Courses are taught by faculty of Northwestern Law, situated in a world-class city and major U.S. legal market.

Additionally, at the beginning of their summer, students are invited to the prestigious Garrett Institute, a two-day symposium attended by senior law firm partners, general counsel and government officials addressing important current issues in the corporate and securities law fields.

Ideal Candidate

Intended for graduates of non-US law schools, the ELLMC Program emphasizes the importance of the role of the lawyer as a strategic advisor in business and business development. Potential candidates include law graduates working in law firms, corporations, the judiciary, government, and non-profit organizations. Lawyers interested in the governance of business organizations also will find the program relevant.

Premiere Urban Location

Chicago is home to world-class law firms and multinational corporations, exposing students to valuable networking opportunities throughout the summer. The Program partners broadly with lawyers affiliated with elite law firms and businesses who can discuss their careers, the legal profession, and additional topics of interest.

Despite the busy class schedule, students do have a chance to enjoy the Chicago summer, which is filled with music festivals, art shows, and some of the most enjoyable weather imaginable. The Law School s beautiful lakefront location is the perfect home-base from which to enjoy all the city has to offer.

For general inquiries, please e-mail the ELLMC Program at [email protected]

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* Graduates of Northwestern Law’s Executive LLM Chicago program (formerly the accelerated LLM program) may now qualify to take the California Bar Exam. While the Law School does not guarantee bar exam eligibility to Executive LLM students for any state, the California State Bar has notified Northwestern Law that the current Executive LLM Chicago program will qualify a student to take the California Bar Exam.

Along with other courses in the ELLMC program, students must satisfactorily complete the program’s Professional Responsibility course to meet California Bar Exam eligibility requirements.

Please refer to the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements for more information on bar exam eligibility requirements for any state.

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