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Earn Your High School Diploma Online

Excel High School offers convenient and affordable online options to complete a high school diploma online. All courses come complete with State Certified Instructors and everything you need to graduate high school online. Our online high school diploma programs are self-paced, and can be completed at your own pace.

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If You Are Under 18

If you are a high school student, we have both full time and part time online high school programs.

– Grades 6-12 Online High School and Online Middle School Courses more info
– Summer School Courses more info
– Homeschool and Homeschooling more info
– Online High School/Online Middle School Make-up Credits more info
If you are looking for make-up or summer school credits, check our Course Offerings.

If You Are an Adult

If you are an adult learner seeking a Fast Track High School Diploma or GED Prep course, we can help you succeed!

– Earn a Certificate or College Degree Online Excel College more info
– Traditional Online High School Program more info
– GED ® Test Preparatory Course more info

College Preparation

Students seeking a College Preparatory Diploma will enjoy being challenged, while being fully prepared for success in a 4-year university environment

The desired credential for admissions into a 4-year university is a college preparatory track high school diploma. With this diploma track, students will be well prepared for success in college and the marketplace. Students will learn at an advanced level in all core subject areas. Curriculum consists of challenging online courses that are taught at a higher level of academic rigor than our general studies diploma track. Students will explore concepts more extensively and dig deeper into each area of the online courses. Interactive online instruction and lectures emphasizes critical thinking and writing for each course. A high caliber of academic performance is expected for this learning track. This diploma track should give students a significant advantage during the college selection and admissions process.

About Excel High School

Excel High School is a nationally recognized accredited, online high school serving grades 9-12 and adult high school diploma students. Utilizing the latest online educational technologies, we serve students throughout the United States; and all over the world with a world class education. All that is required to be successful at EHS is high speed Internet access and the desire to learn. Sooner than you think, you will be on your way to becoming a high school graduate.

Excel High School is a unique online high school that offers students’ the opportunity to take online high school courses anytime and at their own pace. All programs are flexible and completed entirely online, through our user-friendly learning management system. All coursework is accessed online and from any location in the world, so there are no books to ship. We have assembled a wonderful team of State licensed and master degreed instructors, who will be there to support you in your journey.

Excel High School offers online high school credit recovery courses, online summer school courses and a complete college preparatory diploma curriculum. We also offer an online adult high school diploma program, which is a perfect option for adult learners to complete what they’ve once started. If you thought your only option was considering a GED test, the good news is that you can still earn your State Department of Education accredited, recognized high school diploma. You don’t have to settle for a GED.

Since all courses are completed online, you will never have to attend a traditional classroom. We are dedicated to our students, their specific learning requirements and their overall learning success. Our fully accredited high school courses are directed toward a student-centered, independent study, asynchronous learning approach. more info

For many years, Excel High School has helped thousands of students earn their nationally recognized high school diploma online. Excel High School is also a great place to make up high school credits or earn your accredited high school diploma from home. We have also helped many adults earn an accredited high school diploma. Many people believe that getting a high school diploma later in life is not practical. The reality is that earning a high school diploma at a later age is a great way to meet your educational goals for employment and college admission.

If you are ready to take the next step toward completing your online high school diploma or taking summer school courses online, Enroll Now. You will become a high school graduate in sooner time than you think. Attending high school online is a fun and practical way to earn a regionally accredited and State Department of Education recognized high school diploma.

Excel High School is Regionally Accredited by AdvancED, The parent organization of The North Central Association CASI and Southern Association of Colleges and School CASI and the Norwest Accrediting Commission.
more info

Excel High School is a “A+” Rated, Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.

Excel High School offers accredited high school courses, online high school diploma programs and adult high school programs. If you need an online high school graduation credential, we can help.

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Excel High School is a great school! My daughter was in another online highs school last year, but she was not challenged and was not being prepared for college. Since starting this year at Excel, she is being fully challenged in honors courses. My daughter told me the other day, “mom, I have never had to work so hard in school”. We love you Excel High School and Anna will be with you until she graduates next year. Susan M. – Minneapolis, MN

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