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Adult Learning and Leadership | Organization and Leadership

Welcome to the Adult Learning and Leadership Program

Lifelong learning for adults is an increasingly important educational specialization in the 21st century. The massive economic, political, social and psychological changes that are transforming the nature and structure of virtually all institutions in society have rendered obsolete the notion that people can be adequately educated, once and for all, in their youth. In addition, the challenges faced by adults today call for changes in our social, economic, and political systems. The Adult Learning and Leadership Program emphasizes transformative learning and development for adult and organizational change in many different settings educational institutions, business and non-profit or government institutions, healthcare, and community settings. We prepare educational leaders to create bridges to strengthen organizational, community, and national capacity.

Degree Programs

Master of Arts

Curriculum Focus: Broad exposure to the field of adult learning and leadership.

Master of Education

Curriculum Focus: Relationship of adult learning to organizational, management and leadership issues.

Doctor of Education

Curriculum Focus: Emphasizes leadership for adult education and organizational learning.

Doctor of Education (AEGIS)

Curriculum Focus: Emphasizes leadership for adult education and organizational learning.

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Contact Us

Program Director : Professor Victoria J. Marsick

Teachers College, Columbia University
201 Zankel Hall

Contact Person: Professor Victoria J. Marsick

Phone: 212-678-3760 Fax: 212-678-3957

Featured Alumni

Fred Antil

Fred Antil was in the first AEGIS cohort (M.A. ’84, Ed.D. ’86, Higher and Adult Education). Before coming to Teachers College, Fred earned his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University. He then spent three years as a Marine Corps Officer.

Jody Barto

Jody is the founder and principal consultant for Jody Barto, Adult Learning Strategist Coach, LLC. She designs and facilitates engaging, meaningful, and impactful professional development programs for corporate, non-profit, and higher education settings.’

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