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“They are hypocritical on this very issue,” Shearer said about Obama, attorney General Eric Holder and other public officials.

Closed courthouses, rogue clerks, and misleading statements from the attorney general as Florida welcomes same-sex marriage.

“I noticed something,” I say to Marvin, feeling a little like Ransom Stoddard, attorney at law.

As a Washington attorney, he took on companies that seemed immune to change, even when they were ineffective.

Eid, who teaches Indian law at two law schools and works as an attorney himself, had no idea that it was coming.

But Gilder was unaffected by the attorney‘s lack of satisfaction over the result.

Away he posted directly to an attorney‘s who was empowered to dispose of the land.

This is the short of my will—the attorney (when found) will make it long enough.

When the attorney reached the spot where the crowd was thickest, way was made for him.

Mr. Macdermot; so you’ve had a breeze with the attorney, have you?


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early 14c. (mid-13c. in Anglo-Latin), from Old French atorné “(one) appointed,” past participle of aturner “to decree, assign, appoint,” from atorner (see attorn). The legal Latin form attornare influenced the spelling in Anglo-French. The sense is of “one appointed to represent another’s interests.”

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