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Have you been unlawfully fired? Job security is an essential element of a stable life. Employers who routinely violate employment laws are rampant in California. In some cases, employees may be fired for no reason at all. However, many laws are in place to protect you. We provide expert legal assistance for wrongful termination. Get help today.

Wage Law

Are you owed wages or overtime? Does your employer require you to work off-the-clock? Did your employer fail to provide meal and rest breaks? Did they fail to keep your time records so that you can’t prove you are owed wages? If so, they may have violated the law. We provide expert legal assistance. Get help today.


Have you been discriminated against at work? Has your employer failed to accommodate your disability? Is your employer trying to make you quit because you are too old? It is illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, religion, pregnancy, sexual orientation or disability. Get help today.

Sexual Harassment

Has your manager been persistent in making sexually suggestive remarks? Are you expected to accept his advances as a condition of keeping your job? Have you complained about the sexual advances, but the employer has failed to take action? Are you being forced to work sis-by-side with your harasser? Get help today.

Employee Rights

Do you have common questions about your rights as an employee? For example, are you required to sign a write-up? Can an employer use a prior arrest to deny you a job? Can your boss monitor your email? Are you allowed to discuss your wages with your coworkers? We have the answers to many common questions. Get help today.

Class Actions

Our office has handled over a hundred employment law class actions. A class action is a lawsuit that allows a large number of individual claims and the rights of a large number of people to be decided in one court action. Oftentimes, by combining many claims into a single suit, class members with relatively small claims can have their rights protected economically.
Class Action Lawyer

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