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Illinois is among states in the running for a manufacturing plant that Japanese automakers Toyota and Mazda want to build in the U.S. with plans to hire as many as 4,000 workers.

Shizuo Kambayashi / AP

In this May 13, 2015 file photo, Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda, left, and Mazda Motor Corp. President Masamichi Kogai pose for photographers prior to a press conference in Tokyo. Illinois is among states in the running for a manufacturing plant the Japanese automakers want to build in

In this May 13, 2015 file photo, Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda, left, and Mazda Motor Corp. President Masamichi Kogai pose for photographers prior to a press conference in Tokyo. Illinois is among states in the running for a manufacturing plant the Japanese automakers want to build in

(Shizuo Kambayashi / AP)

A coast-to-coast total solar eclipse will occur on Aug. 21 for the first time in the U.S. since 1918. Everyone in North America will have a chance to see at least a partial eclipse. Here s what Chicagoans will see.


‘Why not done?’: Trump hits McConnell for Senate crash of Obama health repeal

Citing impact on gas prices, U.S. oil industry pushes back on Venezuela sanctions

DeVos says she didn’t decry racism enough in comments about black colleges

The Hinsdale 12-year-olds rallied with four runs in the bottom of the sixth inning Wednesday to beat Ohio 5-4 and advance to Saturday s 4 p.m. championship game of the Little League Baseball Great Lakes competition in Westfield, Indiana.

Gary man who had been deported twice indicted in string of Chicago-area restaurant robberies: FBI

Longtime Skokie business may relocate following minimum wage vote

Waukegan man gets 50 years for murdering girlfriend in front of her 9-year-old daughter

Cook County officials knew the penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened beverages was unpopular, but we suspect they underestimated the public wrath it would provoke once shoppers saw how much it added to the cost of their daily purchases.

If the Trump administration chokes off the supply of immigrants who want to work, American workers will suffer.

You married a New York Democrat and now you re married to Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick. Make him stop.

Social conservatives are looking at what Google has done and are concerned this outcome bodes poorly for anyone who thinks differently from the Left.


The most impressive throw of Mitch Trubisky s short Bears tenure has the typical training camp asterisk next to it.

The 26-year-old outfielder s future status is one of the great unknowns surrounding the Sox.

The Tribune s Brad Biggs answers your Bears questions weekly.

Mitch. Mitch. Mitch. Things were going so well. Your teammates like you. You have the Bears’ fan base on your side. You haven’t thrown a single interception in an NFL game. And then you had to go ahead and answer a question honestly. Interviewed Wednesday by Danny Parkins on WSCR-AM 670, Mitch.


Three major purveyors of soda pop and other beverages have been sued in the week since Cook County s new penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened drinks went into effect, with 7-Eleven and Walgreens accused of applying the charge to unsweetened beverages and McDonald s accused of essentially taxing the.

If any Walgreens customers are hoarding points in the store s loyalty program, it might be time to cash in.

Delivery, it seems, is a must for restaurants these days. But some restaurants are staying on the sidelines.

It would take at least 25 years for Wisconsin taxpayers to break even on Gov. Scott Walker s incentives to lure Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn to the state, according to a fiscal analysis released Tuesday.Walker s bill would exempt construction materials from the state and local sales tax.

The last time Jayna Zweiman developed a crowdsourced knitting project, tens of thousands of women ended up wearing pink triangular hats as they marched on Washington and scores of newspaper editors struggled with what to call said headgear. Now Zweiman is asking for more needlework, but with the.

One of the iconic images of Chicago is a bunch of 50-foot-tall pieces of rusty steel that, seen from the right angle, resembles a mix of a woman, an Afghan hound and a guitar. From other perspectives, it looks like a jungle gym, a big heap of scrap metal or a place to catch some shade on a sunny.

The quilt maker is not an old woman. You can see that, can’t you? What you can’t see is the huge framed 8-foot poster of Liza Minnelli (as she appeared in the film “Cabaret”) leaning against one wall or some of the books on a table: “Swann’s Way” by Marcel Proust and “Why I Write” by George Orwell.

David Rawlings laughs when he’s asked to compare and contrast his singing and performing style to that of his musical partner Gillian Welch. The pair has made eight studio albums since the mid-’90s — five of which have come out under Welch’s name, three — including the latest “Poor David’s Almanack”.

Life & Style

Want to live like a Trump? Now s your chance: The president s New York City boyhood home is on Airbnb. The 1940 Tudor-style house in Queens is being offered for $725 a night. The listing says the house has five bedrooms and sleeps up to 20. The amenities include a giant cutout of President Donald.

The photos you post on Instagram can contain telltale visual clues that help predict if you re suffering from depression, a new study reports. Computer software designed to scan photos for these hidden signals accurately diagnosed people with depression seven out of 10 times, said lead researcher.

When Marisa Dunn was trying to decide where to live, she considered three things: good health care, proximity to family and fantastic schools. We could travel for health care, we could travel to family, but we wanted to be in a school district that would provide the services our daughter would.

Unexpected performance changes didn t affect the success or the excitement at the 51st annual Ravinia Women s Board Gala on July 29. The evening featured the homecoming of former Ravinia Music Director James Conlon, who replaced originally scheduled conductor Christoph Eschenbach. Legendary violinist.

Google fired an engineer with suburban Chicago roots after he wrote a missive arguing that biological differences play a role in the shortage of women in tech and leadership positions, but legal experts say his threats to sue may not get far in court. James Damore wrote the 10-page essay that circulated.

Silicon Valley might be famous for its tech sector opportunities, but for some women in the industry, Chicago offers a better deal. The pay gap between men and women is much smaller in Chicago than in San Francisco, according to salary data from Paysa, a San Francisco-based firm that collects information.

In a screed that rocketed around Silicon Valley this weekend, a software engineer at Google blasted the company s efforts to increase the number of minorities and women in its ranks and leadership positions. The essay, reported by Motherboard and posted by Gizmodo, was posted on an internal Google.

A Las Vegas federal judge set bail of $30,000 on Friday for a celebrated young British cybersecurity researcher accused by U.S. prosecutors of creating and distributing malicious software designed to steal banking passwords. The attorney for Marcus Hutchins, who has broad support in the information-security.

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