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Child Labor

News about child labor, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

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And why do the police do so little about it?


Child labor law

9-Year-Old Child Worker Dies in Bangladeshi Textile Mill

The father of Sagar Barman accused the supervisors at Zobeda Textile Mill in Dhaka of killing his son by pumping air into his rectum.

In Turkey, a Syrian Child ‘Has to Work to Survive’

Over one million Syrian children live in Turkey, and thousands work in factories or sweatshops to provide for their families, rather than attend school.


Child labor law

Indonesian Children Face Hazards on Tobacco Farms, Report Says

Children as young as 8 working on tobacco farms are exposed to harmful nicotine and pesticides, according to Human Rights Watch researchers.


Child labor law

Jakarta Journal

Gridlocked Jakarta Becomes Even Worse, at Least for a Week

The governor of Jakarta temporarily suspended its “three-in-one” car-pool system in part because it exploits children.


Child labor law

On Work

For a Child Actor, the Tears Didn’t Come Until It Was Too Late

An aspiring young actress couldn’t make herself cry to land a part in a big Hollywood film, leading her adult self to wonder what might have been.

Child labor law

A Guardian Is Accused of Holding 2 Teenagers Captive in Queens for Years

Sook Yeong Park was charged with labor trafficking, third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child for her treatment of two teenagers from South Korea.


Child labor law

Ask Real Estate

When a Doorman Is Underage

This week’s questions are about child labor laws, tending vines and an unresponsive building management company.


Child labor law


Las manos de muchos jóvenes mexicanos alimentan la demanda de heroína en Estados Unidos

El gobernador del estado de Guerrero hace poco comparó a su estado con Afganistán, el productor de opio más grande del mundo.

Child labor law

Young Hands in Mexico Feed Growing U.S. Demand for Heroin

To meet the U.S. demand for heroin, Mexico is enlisting children to harvest opium. The money is too much to ignore for most, and the terrain is more manageable for those of slighter frame.

Child labor law


Feeding Syrian Children

A reader writes that a United Nations program in Syria “needs a big expansion in funding and support.”

Child Labor Rises Sharply in Syria, Upended by War and Mayhem

A report on Syrian child labor by Save the Children and Unicef suggested a majority of Syrian children are now working to support their families.


Ending Child Labor in India

A new loophole in the law and cuts in funding for education won’t combat poverty.

As Visit Ends, Obama Presses India on Human Rights and Climate Change

President Obama pressed India on Tuesday to do more to curb emissions, as he wrapped up a trip that failed to achieve a meaningful breakthrough on the issue.


Child labor law


Children Who Labor in Fields: Yes, Here

Readers agree with an editorial condemning child labor.

Child labor law


A Ban on Child Labor in Tobacco Fields

The Obama administration should act on its own to restrict children from working on tobacco farms.

U.N. Report Shows an Increase in Trafficking of Children

One in three human trafficking victims is a child, most victims are female, and traffickers operate with wide impunity, the report on modern-day slavery said.


Switzerland Regrets a Cruel History

There may, at last, be restitution for “contract children” forcibly separated from their families.

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Enslaved Abroad, Oppressed at Home

Although many people in Bangladesh would deny it, we practice our own form of slavery.


Child labor law

Kailash Satyarthi’s Nobel Peace Prize Caps Decades of Fighting Child Slavery in India

Mr. Satyarthi, a co-winner the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, has labored over India’s numbingly huge problem of child slavery, and his organization is credited with freeing some 70,000 of them.

Child labor law

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