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They are, to say the least, preparing for civil war (the polling stations are stormed by armed gangs).

Rashad was there to celebrate the release of the civil Rights drama Selma.

An attack on journalists anywhere is an attack on civil society everywhere.

The scheme has been condemned by civil liberties groups and queried by the National Association of Head Teachers.

On Friday, the story had looked like it might blow over as Buckingham Palace sought to dismiss it as a “civil case.”

Yet he is not possessed of the civil rights which citizenship should carry with it.

In the following century came the three sieges of the civil War.

“I can walk,” he said, with a little friendly laugh to the civil driver.

It might be thought that I would have a right to civil answers here.

In 1875 he was created an honorary member of the Institution of civil Engineers.


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late 14c., “relating to civil law or life; pertaining to the internal affairs of a state,” from Old French civil “civil, relating to civil law” (13c.) and directly from Latin civilis “relating to a citizen, relating to public life, befitting a citizen,” hence by extension “popular, affable, courteous;” alternative adjectival derivation of civis “townsman” (see city).

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