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This online Petrophysical Handbook is a shareware resource for Geoscientists and Engineers in the petroleum and mineral industries. There is no annoying advertizing on this site so your shareware fee keeps this site alive and growing. There are 350+ topics on the handbook index , with computer-ready math, real-world examples, straight-forward explanations, parameter recommendations, and spreadsheet software. Learn the basics of the trade or brush up on long forgotten techniques; novice or expert, you’ll find what you need here.

Laws of physics Laws of physics INTEGRATED PETROPHYSICS COURSES

Each course is a complete package with narrated slide shows, reference manuals, exercises, and quizzes. These practical, no-nonsense courses are time-tested in major and independent oil companies, service companies, consulting firms, and government agencies, and are backed by 50+ years of world-wide experience. Use our courses for individual self-study or in-house for the entire exploitation team. Choose from 4 full-length or 7 short-courses.


As a low-cost alternative to in-house presentations, consider using Crain’s Integrated Petrophysics Courses as a technically sound solution. These lectures are also suitable for a university / tech school semester environment. Want to present these courses commercially anywhere in the world? Consider our Associate Instructor Program.

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