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the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession.

Definition of education (continued)

a degree, level, or kind of schooling: a university education.

the result produced by instruction, training, or study: to show one’s education.

the science or art of teaching; pedagogics.

Origin of education

Related Forms

  • adjective : antieducation
  • noun : noneducation
  • noun : overeducation
  • noun : preeducation
  • adjective : proeducation
  • noun : supereducation


1 . instruction, schooling, learning. Education, training imply a discipline and development by means of study and learning. Education is the development of the abilities of the mind (learning to know): a liberal education. Training is practical education (learning to do) or practice, usually under supervision, in some art, trade, or profession: training in art, teacher training. 4 . learning, knowledge, enlightenment. Education, culture are often used interchangeably to mean the results of schooling. Education, however, suggests chiefly the information acquired. Culture is a mode of thought and feeling encouraged by education. It suggests an aspiration toward, and an appreciation of high intellectual and esthetic ideals: The level of culture in a country depends upon the education of its people.

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Examples from the News

  • Education controls the transmission of values and molds the spirit before dominating the soul.

Houellebecq’s Incendiary Novel Imagines France With a Muslim President

  • What they believe impacts economic policy, foreign policy, education policy, environmental policy, you name it.

    The Evangelical Apocalypse Is All Your Fault

  • This is why arguments for little to no federal oversight of education are so disturbing.

    The ‘No Child’ Rewrite Threatens Your Kids’ Future

  • Congress is attempting to pass the buck on federal funding for education.

    The ‘No Child’ Rewrite Threatens Your Kids’ Future

  • The Supreme Court eventually stepped in and ended legal segregation in the landmark 1954 decision, Brown v. Board of Education.

    The ‘No Child’ Rewrite Threatens Your Kids’ Future

  • Examples

    • Every advantage of education is to be procured by the same means.

    Blackwood s Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327

  • It was charged that the system of education at Eton failed in every point.

    The Grand Old Man

  • We do not dread, rather do we welcome, their progress in education and industry.

    United States Presidents Inaugural Speeches

  • By it a national and compulsory system of education was established for the first time.

    The Grand Old Man

  • In this new land, education will be every citizen s most prized possession.

    United States Presidents Inaugural Speeches

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