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Elder Law and Estate Law

Estate planning law is the process of legally structuring the future disposition of current and projected assets. Don t be fooled by hokey TV personalities and Elder Law attorneys that tell you that you need a Living Trust or an Irrevocable Living Trust without first doing an in depth analysis of your current financial, legal and health status. Elder Care Law and Estate Planning is different for each and every family. At the Law Offices of Castiglia-Rubinstein and Associates we do not make boiler plate, cookie cutter estate plans; we create custom tailored plans for each family’s specific needs. Elder care law is the area of law that deals with the needs of the aging population; including Medicaid issues, long term care provisions, estate tax reduction, probate avoidance, and asset preservation. The specialty of elder law evolved as the majority of the population of baby boomers started to reach the age of retirement. It has become increasingly clear that the complicated legal issues confronting seniors; in particular qualifying for Medicaid coverage of long term care issues in home and in nursing homes were beyond the expertise of “general practice” attorneys. In recent years, it is increasingly seen in the field of elder law being described as elder care law and the lawyers as elder care attorneys.

What Are the Issues Addressed By ElderВ Care LawyersВ and Special Needs Attorneys?

Elder law or elder care attorneys typically help advice clients and their families about what assets they should consider protecting from estate taxes, probate, Medicaid, un-trustworthy family members, future potential creditors, and family members with disabilities; with regard to their pensions, retirement income, long-term care planning, nursing home avoidance, stocks, bonds, annuities,В lifestyle, incomeВ and housing needs, and personal preferences of the disposition of assets after your demise. In addition, wills, living wills, probate, living trusts, special needs trusts,В pooled trusts, durable powers of attorney for property and health insurance and life insurance coverage are all very important life issues that seniors should discuss with their elder care law attorneys.

  • plan for Medicaid long-term care and nursing care protection.
  • protect real assets from Medicaid and long term care issues.
  • protect liquid assets from Medicaid and long term care issues.
  • apply for coverage for Medicaid when in home care is needed.
  • apply for coverage for Medicaid when nursing care is needed.
  • plan and administer an estate.
  • represent guardians and conservators.
  • create and administer all types of trusts for the protection of seniors.
  • estate planning and probate.
  • probate litigation.
  • probate avoidance.
  • estate and gift taxes.
  • Medicare and Medicaid Issues.
  • retirement benefits.
  • Medicare part A, Medicare part B, and Medicare part D.
  • age discrimination.
  • disability consultation and planning.
  • insurance planning.
  • elder abuse and neglect.
  • senior housing issues.
  • financing your long term care needs.
  • Medicaid planning, long term and short term.

Unlike many other areas of the law, elder care law is defined by the needs of the client, rather than a particular field of law. Because of this, elder care law attorneys are also aware that their clients needs often extend beyond the basic legal services. For this reason, the law offices of Castiglia-Rubinstein and associates are linked to a network of professionals in local communities who serve the needs of the senior population.В В To put it simply, estate planning involves deciding how you want your assets distributed after you die (or become unable to make your own financial decisions). Estate planning can be complicated, so it s best to consult aВ lawyer and a financial and tax advisor when drawing up your estate plan.

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People are living longer and having fewer children. There is a rising concern that people will have less family support as they age. Most people out live their financial resources; now more than ever is it ever so important to have a solid financial plan that will work in conjunction with your elder law estate plan.

The Need for Elder and Special Needs Law Is Growing The number of older individuals in the population is projected to increase to 71 million plusВ by 2030, representing nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population. As a result the need is growing for specialized legal adviceВ for issues that the aging population faces on a daily basis.

Who Are the Clients of Elder and Special Needs Law Attorneys?

People just like you and your family are the type of clients that we help plan their estates.В In addition to seniors, Elder Lawyers and Special Needs Law Attorneys deal with the needs of the entire family and the family life cycle. From birth, planning for family members with disabilities to those facing the end of life, elder and special needs law attorneys promote planning now for the future benefit of the disposition of assets.

Make an appointment with one of the elder lawВ andВ estate planning attorneys at the law offices of Castiglia-Rubinstein Associates today to discuss your options.В В The attorneys at Castiglia-Rubinstein Associates are not only trained in handling simple estate, will and probate matters, we take care of complex living trust estate litigation in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County, Bronx, Westchester, Richmond County, Manhattan and Brooklyn Kings County New York.

We are dedicated to your success so contact us.В Speak with one of our knowledgeable Long Island will and estate planning, living trust estate litigation attorneys today from wherever you are in New York in Nassau and Suffolk, Brooklyn, Kings and Queens Counties, on Long Island and all New York City boroughs including Bronx, Westchester, Richmond County, and Manhattan.

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Get Help With Your Estate Plan Now be prepared for your loved ones with the proper estate plan.

You should know you have certain legal rights and must be very selective of the Lawyer or Law Firm that you chose to represent you. Have an attorney council you on the right decision for you.

Trust vs Wills *В Removal of a Trustee * Guardianship * Probate * Beneficiary Rights

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About the Website of Law Firm of CASTIGLIA-RUBINSTEIN & Associates and the legal information on the screen above: We hope you find this information useful and informative, but it is not the same as legal counsel. A free website is ultimately worth everything it costs you; you rely on it at your own risk. This website and any other website on this legal topic does not substitute real legal advice, face to face with an attorney. Good legal advice includes a review of all of the facts of your situation, including many that may at first glance seem to you not to matter. The plan it generates is sensitive to your goals and wishes while taking into account a whole panoply of laws, rules and practices, many not published online. Speak with an attorney today to help resolve any legal issues that you and your family may be facing.

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