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master in law

The Master of Laws programme at the University of Hong Kong is a highly competitive course for those who already received outstanding results in their first law degree. It meets a need in various specialist areas of the law that are of importance to Hong Kong and its locality, and to offer modules which Hong Kong is perhaps uniquely placed to provide to students from both within and outside Hong Kong.

In order to train professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise in dispute resolution methods, particularly negotiation, mediation and arbitration, the HKU Faculty of Law introduced an innovative cross-disciplinary Master of Laws programme specializing in arbitration and dispute resolution in September 2007.

The LLM in Corporate and Financial Law programme combines expertise in the areas of corporate and financial law and provides the resources for comprehensive study of the law and problems encountered within a sophisticated commercial and financial community.

The LLM in Chinese Law addresses a growing need in Hong Kong and internationally for a more comprehensive understanding of the law and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. Through a comprehensive combination of theoretical, practical and policy-oriented courses, this programme enables Candidates to appreciate the modern Chinese legal system within China’s dynamic social, economic and political backdrop.

The LLM in Compliance and Regulation seeks to build on the Faculty’s existing strengths and successes while at the same time catering to the needs and demands of the Hong Kong, Mainland and global financial, professional and business services sector for education in the area of compliance and regulation.

The degree of Master of Laws in Human Rights is offered by the Faculty of Law as a response to the increasing interest in and relevance of human rights standards in Asia and elsewhere. The programme focuses on problems and perspectives which are of particular concern to the Asia-Pacific region, while at the same time ensuring that participants engage with universal human rights issues and the perspectives of other regional systems.

HKU’s LLM Programme in Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law is designed for students with law degrees or for IP or IT professionals with relevant legal experience who wish to undertake an in-depth study of the law, policies and cutting edge issues in their fields.

The Master of Common Law programme is specifically designed for graduates in law from non-Common law jurisdictions (notably Mainland China) who wish to acquire an expertise in Common Law as it is practised in Hong Kong and in other common law jurisdictions.

In cooperation with Peking University, the Double Master Degree Programme with Peking University offers students to complete two LLMs at HKU and Peking University over a period of 2 to 3 years. Students are able to study different systems of law in two different legal traditions and have a solid grounding in Hong Kong, English and Chinese law.

In cooperation with University of Zurich, the LLM/MLaw Double Master Degree Programme offers students to read LLM at HKU and MLaw at University of Zurich over a period of 2 years. Students are able to study different systems of law in two different legal traditions and have a solid grounding in Hong Kong, English and European law.

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