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Family law software Support 2017

Providing Software Solutions For The Active Family Law Attorney.

Discover absolutely one of the best software tools for evaluating spousal maintenance/alimony claims, and one of the easiest ways for calculating child support based on your state guidelines. We currently offer versions of Support 2017 for the states of Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Washington and Maryland.

The Federal tax estimates generated by Support 2017 use the inflation adjustments provided by the IRS for the 2017 tax filing year. The state tax estimates generated by the Michigan, Maryland, and Kentucky versions use the most currently available income tax code for those respective states.

Support 2017 for Michigan incorporates the guidelines of the 2017 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual (MCSFM) and Supplement that become effective on January 1, 2017. There are also changes to the Michigan Uniform Child Support Order (UCSO) form to reflect these new guidelines and the new UCSO is generated by the program. Also, a user can now select to make program reports more generic by using a “Parent1/Parent2” header instead of a “Mother/Father” header.

Support 2017 for Maryland has been updated to generate the most current Child Support Worksheet revisions dated 8/2016.

Support 2017 for Washington incorporates the Washingon Child Support Worksheet (dated 5/2016) and removes the RDP Worksheet which has been replaced by the new more generic worksheet. The program also produces the new Attachment for Residential Split Adjustment (RSA) dated 5/2016.

All state versions have u pdated alimony recommendation routines to better reflect any tax free income of a party. All versions now include a print feature to the tax credits dialogs. In addition, the minimum wage tables and the medium income tables in the income imputation dialogs have been updated.

Support 2017 for Kentucky, Washington and Maryland includes improved dialogs for entering split and shared parenting conditions. These versions now also offer tiering and an improved bonus calculator.

Support 2017 for Florida provides for easier use of the short Finan cial Declaration form, now allows entry of Social Security Disability payments to children and includes an improved bonus calculator.

MarginSoft was founded by Craig Ross, a family law attorney from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who has reviewed a myriad of child support and alimony cases over the last 30 years. His alimony/maintenance theories are incorporated into our Support Series of programs . Programming and product support are provided by Roger Ross of Pioneer, California. You can use the Feedback link on this site to contact us by email.

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