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Harrison College Reviews

Graduation Year: 2014

Students are led to believe that the school compares with other top schools. This is far from the truth. Older students have a hard time of finding employment in their field of study, if at all. Students are not told up front that Harrison is a for profit business. If I had known I would never have went there. Students are encouraged to use their books and study guides when taking tests too! This does not benefit the student, but makes the school look good by producing passing grades. There are so many things wrong with Harrison College and it needs to be shut down. Students will never get out of debt with them and they claimed my Federal Loan ran out and wanted me to take out another one on top of that! The Criminal Justice program does not even have what is needed to learn.

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Miranda – September 6, 2016

Degree: Criminal Justice

Graduation Year: 2016

I cannot stress enough how terrible this school is overall. I had few teachers that I liked and learned from – this was from my time on campus. Online campus is a mess and they only offer the CJ BS online after initially stating they offered on campus. Turnover rate for Online is mind boggling, trying to figure out who you need to reach and for what. Trying to obtain help with online classes from the instructors was a task in itself. I owe a mortgage in student debt plus additional private loans I had to take out because I couldn’t receive anymore student loans. The credits do not transfer and you are stuck at this school until you finish.

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Jessica Barrett – July 21, 2016

Degree: Human Resources

Graduation Year: 2013

Harrison College offered me the flexibility of campus or online classes. They worked with me every step of the way throughout my degree. I never felt alone, lost or confused when studying or preparing for an exam. Without Harrison College, I am not sure I would have been as successful in my career as I am now.

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Degree: Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Technologist

Graduation Year: 2013

I will start out by saying when I visited this college, my intent was to start the Nursing program. I was told that I was not able to apply for this program due to the fact that I had no experience in the medical field, so I chose to go forward with the Medical Assisting program. About 3/4 into the program I got pregnant with my son and was put on bed rest so I decided to switch to the Medical Reimbursement Technology program because it was completely online. When I visited the college to tell them that I intended on changing majors, I had told them I had originally wanted to do Nursing but was told that I could not due to lack of experience. Come to find out that was not true at all. Not only was I very upset that I could have been 3/4 of the way finished with the Nursing program I was also outraged that I had wasted so much money on a degree I really did not want in the first place. I had decided to just suck it up, finish the degree I was working on, and then go back for my Nursing degree. When the time came to do my externship I had hoped I would actually be learning or shadowing someone on medical billing and coding (considering that is what my degree was in), but instead they had us working on returned mail. My externship was a complete waste of time and gas money considering I had to drive 45 minutes a day one way 4 times a week. Also, they only taught us ICD-9 coding when ICD-10 was going to be implemented very soon. I would not recommend Harrison College to anyone. It was a waste of time and tuition, fees, books, etc. were completely outrageous. If I could go back and research other schools more and what I was getting myself into I would in a heartbeat.

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Graduation Year: 2003

This school lies about transferring credits. Once you’re in you are stuck. Nobody accepts their credits! The staff were hired and fired quarterly and they completely mishandled everything. Teachers were totally ridiculous. Excell teacher denied answers from the book and complained about the amt of homework she had to grade. Another expected us to learn an entire payroll software program and be able to take our final exam within one hour. Accounting teacher decided to try and save me money by just copying answers out of his book and gave that to me! I cannot express to you enough; Please stay away from this place. I still owe on my loan and have nothing to show for it!

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Graduation Year: 2018

I started out working on a BS in hospitality management. The one class I took for that specifically was online. The instructor did NOT read turned in assignments and I tested that for the final paper. At risk of my grade I did NOT do what was required on purpose yet received an “A”. So I switched to another course of study. Well, if you’re smarter than a 5th grader or maybe not even. you’ll do fine there. I actually feel insulted to be treated like I’m in elementary school. Which is how you will feel if you have the qualifications of getting into a “real” college. I have elected to not return after this quarter and I’m going to finish my original course of study and then go on and get my Masters degree. The cost of tuition is incredibly expensive. They would NOT take most of my credits from 2 other college universities. Yet when I applied to another more prestigious university, than I have ever attended before, they would not take any credits from Harrison but took almost 125 from my other 2 colleges. Now you can take that and decide on your own what you want to do.

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