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The HHRJ staff is very excited to announce that Volume 28, Issue 1 has been published! Click below to read our articles and student note. ARTICLES Lazo-Majano: Alive, Well, and Thriving at Twenty-Seven Judge John T. Noonan, Jr. Strategic Compliance in the Shadow of Transnational [. ]

By Anjali Manivannan Click here to access a PDF version of this article The current Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa has infected 27,237 people—almost exclusively in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone—of whom 11,158 died. This public health emergency has significantly [. ]

By Hannah Brennan Burcu Kilic Click here to access a PDF Version of this article I. Introduction On October 16, 2014, a new draft of the intellectual property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was leaked. The TPP is a free trade [. ]

By David J. Hotelling Click here to access a PDF Version of this article Individuals with powerful ethical, moral, or religious beliefs can cause a quandary for political systems that seek to both protect individual consciousness and protect the State. The conscientious objector [. ]

When: Friday, March 27th, 2015 at Harvard Law School Sponsored by the Harvard Human Rights Journal and Advocates for Human Rights With contributions from the Milbank Student Conference Fund Keynote Address by Serge Brammertz, Chief Prosecutor of the ICTY: Where Has International Criminal Law Taken [. ]

By Devarshi Mukhopadhyay and Ramya Krishna Tenneti Click here to access a PDF Version of this article INTRODUCTION: RE-ANALYZING THE CASTE QUESTION In her essay “Can the Subaltern speak?” Gayatri Chakraborty Spivak raises questions about who speaks for whom when the subaltern of history [. ]

By Akhila Kolisetty Click here to access a PDF Version of this article In recent years, international institutions and organizations have transformed the reform of rule of law, particularly in post-conflict and fragile states, into an industry in its own right. Indeed, over [. ]

By Bryan H. Druzin and Jessica Li Click here to access a PDF Version of this article INTRODUCTION Mao Ze Dong famously proclaimed that power comes from the barrel of a gun; however, he also recognized the power of the pen. Today, this pen comes mostly [. ]

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The Harvard Human Rights Journal was founded in 1988 and has since endeavored to be a site for a broad spectrum of scholarship on international and domestic human rights issues. Once a year, the Journal publishes a range of original scholarly works on human rights issues of contemporary relevance.

Current Issue: Volume 28, Issue 1

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