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JD MBA Programs

Combined programs are becoming more popular for students who have a number of different interests. Business and law is a natural combination that works well together, and because of this, more and more schools are offering this combined program of study.

What is a JD MBA Program?

A JD MBA program is a joint combination program where students study for both Law and Business. Instead of earning a Juris Doctorate of Law (JD) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) separately, the JD MBA joint program allows students to take the two programs at the same time while still graduating with two degrees. Where a Law degree takes three years and the Master’s would take one to two years, depending on program set up, the JD MBA combination is often offered over a three or four year period which decreases the length of study by one to two years. The JD MBA degree is fast becoming the gold standard of educational requirements for CEO hires and law firm executive positions.

Why This Combination of Specialties?

The study of Law and Business is a partnership that goes hand in hand. As technical innovation, intellectual property rights, and globalization grows, having a strong understanding of both disciplines can positively affect your ability to function in the business world. The same can be said for the opposite; lawyers who have strong management skills have much greater success at owning their own business, or working with other business people. Having this achievement on one’s resume shows intended employers that your skill set is varied, that you are a person who has great analytical abilities, and that you are very motivated in the both worlds of Law and Business.

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Jd mba programs

Program of Study

Like many professional programs, there are core requirements that all students must take and additional elective courses that can be tailored to interests. The combined program still allows students to specialize in areas where they plan to focus their career. For the JD portion of the program, students will still study courses relating to their specialty in Law. Once completed, students will have earned both degrees, however, it is important to remember that a requirement for formally practicing Law is that students must still do a year of articling to complete the Law requirements and must pass the Bar Exam that is require in their home state.

Plan Structure

Individual institutions are able to choose the format of studies for this combined program. Most institutions, however, opt to have students do one year of Law and one year of Business separately. Schools may do this in either order. This allows students to be fully immersed in each school of thought independently. Once those two years are complete, most programs have students doing a combination of both disciplines for subsequent years, often having classes that overlap between both subjects.

The JD MBA program is becoming a standard level of education in many board rooms across America. This dual degree can help ensure students don’t have to make a choice between two complementary disciplines. This combination can help students become very valued and respected members of both the Business and Law communities.

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Jd mba programs

Jd mba programs

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