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JD/PhD and JD/MA Programs

New York University School of Law and Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) offer coordinated dual degree programs leading to a Juris Doctor (JD) and either a PhD or MA degree in four Arts and Science disciplines:

Students enrolled in these dual degree programs will work closely with faculty advisors in both the School of Law and GSAS to develop an integrated program of study and research. The programs are particularly aimed at students interested in pursuing academic careers. We expect that students who complete the JD/PhD program will be strong candidates for faculty positions in both law schools and in arts and sciences programs. The JD/MA programs provide rigorous interdisciplinary training for students interested in legal academia, but also for students who plan to pursue other career paths related to law.

These coordinated programs reduce the amount of time required to complete both degrees. The School of Law will count 12 credits of GSAS coursework toward the total of 83 credits required for the JD degree, typically allowing dual degree students to complete their JD coursework in five semesters rather than the usual six. Likewise, some law school coursework will count toward the PhD and MA program requirements, allowing students to accelerate the completion of those degrees. For students in the JD/MA program, both degrees are typically conferred at the end of four years (eight semesters) rather than the usual five years to complete both degrees separately. For students in the JD/PhD program, the JD is typically conferred at the end of the fourth year, while the student continues to complete the PhD requirements.

Prospective dual degree students must apply independently to both the School of Law and GSAS and be admitted to both. Current law students or GSAS doctoral students may apply to enter a dual degree program during their first year.

Students admitted to the JD/PhD program will be eligible for full funding of tuition plus additional funding. JD/PhD applicants who are admitted to the School of Law will be automatically considered for admission to the Furman Academic Scholars Program. and those who are accepted as Furman Scholars will receive full-tuition plus summer research funding (as well as the extraordinary training and support for aspiring academics that the Furman Program provides). All JD/PhD applicants who are admitted to GSAS will receive four or five years of support through the MacCracken Fellowship Program, including tuition, registration and services fees, student health insurance, and an academic-year stipend (http://gsas.nyu.edu/page/grad.financialaid.gradfellowships ). GSAS students have opportunities to teach for additional compensation and may be eligible for summer funding and other forms of support, depending on the policies of their departments.

In addition to NYU’s established JD/PhD and MA programs, NYU law students have pursued dual degrees with other NYU departments and with other universities. In appropriate cases, the School of Law will work with students to create individually tailored dual degree programs along these lines.

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