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Juanin Clay was originally suppose to be the love interest for Harry Hamlin’s character.

This is one of the most famous episodes in this show’s history and, arguably, one of the most famous of the entire 1980’s, thanks to a dweeby serial bigamist imparting an incredible sexual technique to Stewart Markowitz, which guarantees his partner incredible orgasms. There is however, one very big logical flaw in the script. Stewart finds out that this bald, nebbishy, dumpy guy has all these super-model hot ex wifes, all of whom praise him to high heaven in the bedroom department! The problem is this: How on God’s green earth did this guy even get to talk to these women, let alone get them to marry him? There is no way they would even give him the time of day in a bar, let alone sleep with him. Did he come on with, “Hey Babe, I am the master of an obscure sexual technique which I guarantee is going to give you multiple orgasms beyond your wildest dreams, just sleep with me to find out!” Yeah right! Like that is ever going to happen in this lifetime! All in all it was a cute episode and speculation on the Venus Butterfly technique was rampant for weeks (in the pre-internet days).

Michael said at the end of this episode that his father would be moving to L.A., which meant he would have been seen in the next season but he wasn’t.

A Martinez’s character, Daniel Morales, says he had a private practice in Santa Barbara. Martinez played Cruz Castillo on the NBC soap opera, Santa Barbara.

Gwen comments to Daniel that his daughter, Lucy, will be safe with her grandma in Santa Barbara. Daniel is played by A Martinez, who had previously played Cruz Castillo on the soap opera “Santa Barbara”.

L.A. Law on NBC welcomes Executive Producer William M. Finkelstein back after the cancellations of Civil Wars for 2 seasons on ABC.

Jayne Brook and Alan Rosenberg would both go on to star on CBS’s Chicago Hope.

On Sept 30 1993, one week before this episode aired, Fox Network’s Animaniacs aired a parody of the show called “La La Law”. The animators included non-speaking characture cameos for three of the characters . Dot Warner pounces and kisses Sifuentes, Yakko Warner chases Grace Van Owen around a desk and jumps into her arms, and Benny uses Wakko Warner as a Xerox machine.

A classic legal drama

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