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Law School Admissions

One of the most challenging, and often overwhelming, undertakings you will go through while you apply to law school is the admission process itself. Think of the years you have spent preparing for this moment, the months spent studying, the late nights and early mornings why leave the final part of this process to chance?

PowerScore has assembled a team of admissions experts including former law school admissions board members, top lawyers, and students from top-ten law schools to address your admissions needs.

Start-to-Finish Application Help

Our most popular package, and for good reason: this package lets you work with a law school admissions expert from the very start of your admissions process, all the way until you press “send” on your applications.

Unlimited consultant assistance for up to FIVE complete applications. Get help with personal statements, transcripts, letters of recommendation, resumes everything! This completely customizable package will guide you through the entire process, from school selection to addressing any special circumstances to scholarship negotiations, all while offering friendly chats and expert advice.

  • Initial consultation to discuss timelines, schools, career aspirations, and to create a personalized game plan
  • Detailed breakdown of your candidacy based on GPA, LSAT scores
  • Aid in creating a winning personal statement, from initial brainstorming to final edits
  • Address any special circumstances in your application such as criminal background, or multiple LSAT scores
  • Review and perfect your resume

  • Advice choosing among multiple acceptances
  • Assistance with waitlist issues including letters of continued interest
  • Preparation for interviews offered by programs of interest
  • Scholarship negotiation assistance

Start-to-Finish Personal Statement Help

Complete personal statement assistance for one full essay, taking you from brainstorming topics and early drafts to your final, polished composition. You’ll also receive a thorough review and revision of your resume.

This program is designed for those who want full-scale assistance in creating a persuasive and moving statement that conveys your story in an unforgettable manner. With this program we’re with you from brainstorming to thesis to final draft. Includes unlimited reviews of drafts and substantive revisions for vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and overall cohesiveness. A full resume review and (if necessary) revision is also included.

Full Application Evaluation and Critique

Created for applicants looking for an objective, third-party evaluation of their completed law school application, this program gives you a thorough, written evaluation and critique of all aspects of your application within four to five days.

Plus, once you have implemented the suggestions, you can send your edited work back for a FREE second evaluation, and get another complete appraisal of your finalized application sent directly to your email. A full resume review and (if necessary) revision is also included.

A 48 hour Rush option is available for an additional charge. Please contact us to learn more!

Personal Statement Evaluation and Critique

Ideal for those who have already finished their personal statement, and are looking for an admissions expert’s professional opinion, this package includes a detailed, written evaluation and critique of one complete personal statement essay, as well as a follow-up analysis after all recommended updates have been made.

Just send in your personal statement and receive a highly-detailed critique within four to five days. Then once you’ve implemented the suggestions, you can send your edited work back for a FREE second evaluation, and get another complete appraisal of your finalized personal statement sent directly to your email.

A 48 hour Rush option is available for an additional charge. Please contact us to learn more!

Hourly Admissions Consulting

The PowerScore Experience

Featured Admissions Consultant

Tony, PowerScore Admissions Consultant

Tony has over ten years of experience working with prospective law students, including Assistant Director of Admissions positions at three top law schools: The university of Michigan, New York University, and the University of Washington. He is passionate about working with students to demystify the application process and to provide individualized strategic counseling to help each student present the best application possible.

After graduating from the University of Michigan Law School, Tony spent time at a large New York law firm working primarily in international product liability litigation and moonlighting as an advisor to the firm’s many paralegals who were applying to law school. He then spent over five years as the Assistant Director of Admissions Tony, PowerScore Admissions Consultant at three top law schools: the University of Michigan, New York University, and the University of Washington. During this time he counseled hundreds of applicants through the application process and read thousands of applications.

Tony’s interest in counseling has led him to the University of Chicago, where he currently pursuing an A.M. degree specializing in clinical social work. When he has free time, he enjoys playing obscure European board games and watching old movies.


What has your experience with the law school application process been like?

It started over ten years ago when I was an applicant myself! I was the first in my family to go to college, so graduate school applications were completely foreign. I was lucky to have some great mentors, though, and I ended up at my top choice law school. Later, I worked for close to six years in law school admissions and saw how the process worked at a number of institutions. I’ve read thousands of applications and I have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t.

What brings you to Powerscore?

I used some of Powerscore’s materials to study for the LSAT (which worked out well for me!), so it’s been a company I’ve respected for a long time. I’m passionate about working with students, and I know from personal experience how the application process can be difficult to navigate. I’m excited to use my behind-the-scenes experience to help students craft the best applications possible.

What is your counseling philosophy?

I think it’s important to get to know each student I work with. Why are they applying to law school? How did they get to this point, and what do they hope to achieve? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the application process it’s only by doing individualized work with each client that we can discover the best approach to their application.

Who can benefit most from meeting with admissions counselors at Powerscore?

Good question! I think anybody who feels overwhelmed by or anxious about the admissions process will benefit from Powerscore’s services. We can help with broad strategic questions like: where should you apply? What should you highlight in your application? How can you best position yourself for financial aid? But we can also help with the nitpicky details: Is your resume formatted correctly? Do you have typos in your personal statement?

What’s the biggest piece of advice you would give to an applicant?

Start getting your ducks in a row as soon as possible, and apply early! Nearly every law school operates on a “rolling admissions” basis, so applying early puts you in the best position for admission and financial aid opportunities.

What should an applicant be thinking about this time of year?

In early September, the biggest thing is certainly to register for the LSAT this fall if you haven’t taken it already or if you plan to retake it. If you are going to take it, make a study schedule and stick to it! Powerscore classes are a great way to prepare, but no matter what you do you should prioritize studying as much as possible. After that, I would plan to spend substantial time on developing your personal statement. Start early so that you have lots of time for revisions.

Which schools should applicants apply to?

That depends on a lot of factors and will depend on what each applicant is looking for. For some students it may be important to go to a highly-ranked law school, and for others it may be better to go to a school with ties to the market they plan to practice in. It really depends for each student and I’d encourage anybody struggling with this question to talk to me!

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