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Civil laws :
How to file a case as par cpc, how to institute a suit. Injunction, summons, production of documents, how suit is heard and much more

Consumer law
Consumer is King – An in-depth report on all aspect of Consumer laws and consumer courts in India

Criminal laws :
Laws related to Indian penal code, evidence act, CRPC, Filing an FIR, Institution of a Criminal case, prosecution, appeals and revisions etc

Income Tax
Complete guide to Tax laws in India, with Downloadable forms, Tax Calculator

Company Law
A brief report of the Companies Act, 1956, Company law, Roc rules, how to Register a company

What is Trademark? Its importance, Register your Trademark, Registration Forms, what is a strong trademark, what are weak Trademarks

Lok Adalat, legal Aid & PIL
How to file a PIL, Lok Adalat’s role and how far legal aid has been a success

Forms Free Download legal Forms, Visas, arbitration, tax forms, Copyright, TM Court forms etc

Law Colleges in India
A list of law colleges in India, their contact add, their web sites and More.

Great Personalities
A brief report on the life and times of great leaders, Washington, Lincoln, Churchill and More.

Lawyers Membership
Join the Client-finder service – Help Boost your practice, get Clients online, learn to improve your legal practice, a web presence is essential in today’s legal practice, your peers are racing ahead what are you waiting for.

Transfer of Petition in India :
How to file for Transferring a case from on district court of one state to another or from one high court to another, the entire process has been explained in great detail

Constitutional Law
An In-depth report on the Constitution of India, a review of the constitutions of USA, China, Russia, Iran and More.

Immigration Law
An Insight On Various aspects of Immigration law In United States

Cyber Law
Cyber Law in India, International cyber Law, review on IT Act 2000, cyber crime, hacking laws etc

Medico Legal
An insight on medico legal topics such as forensic evidence, Narco analysis.

Woman issues
A study on laws enacted to protect woman, such as DV act, Sexual harassment, rape laws.

Partnership firms
Commonly asked questions on partnership firms

Cheque bounce law. a complete guide to NI act and procedure

Law Book-Store
Check out the latest law books related to various aspects of law.

Court Room Humour
In Courts, Jokes about Lawyers You Too can contribute your jokes here.

Famous Trials
Cases which eventually lead the evolution of the present laws More.

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