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London Family Law Support Services

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Welcome to London Family Law Support Services. This site was designed to assist families in need of direction in the context of separation and divorce. Finding a divorce lawyer in London, Ontario or what is also known as a Family Law Lawyer in London, Ontario, can sometimes be a challenge.

On this site, you will find links to many resources that will assist you in making healthy and solution focused decisions for you and your family. You will find links to obtaining legal advice, avenues for finding the appropriate process leading to legal solutions; counselling for yourself; counselling for your children and financial solutions.

While there are links on this site leading to obtaining legal advice, this site does not purport to give legal advice. It is designed to lead you toward resources that can address every aspect of separation and divorce: legal, psychosocial, medical and financial. To learn more about finding solutions to conflict in the context of separation and divorce, click on the following link: Solution Focused Approach.

Family Law Services

We offer the following services:

  • Information, Advice and Counselling in the context of finding the best process to resolving family conflict;
  • drafting tailored Separation Agreements that address all legal issues and provide a foundation for moving forward;
  • drafting detailed Domestic Contracts made with marriage or cohabitation in mind;
  • Mediation services and representation that focuses on addressing conflict and finding lasting solutions;
  • referrals to Mediation Mediation/Arbitration service providers;
  • Referrals to professionals who provide marital counselling; divorce counselling and counselling for children;
  • Principled Negotiation of the legal issues with the other lawyer representing your spouse;
  • Collaborative Family Law;
  • and Court Representation (when necessary).

About Wil Doran, Family Lawyer

William J. Doran B.S.W. LL.B LL.M

Family law lawyer

Hi, my name is Wil Doran and I am the creator of this site. I decided to create this site after working in children’s mental health for over thirteen years and practicing Family Law for the past seventeen years. After spending years watching how separation and divorce affected children, I decided to create this site with a view to promoting a better way to resolving family conflict. I am not creating anything new here, I am simply directing people toward what I believe are healthy processes that will lead to solutions.

Find out more about me on the About Wil Doran page.

William Doran represented me in both a separation agreement and a real estate deal. In both circumstances he was respectful, had great attention to detail and did what he said he would do. He is truly an honest lawyer and I feel very . More

2017 London Family Law Support Services.

Offering family law support in London Ontario and region.

362 Ridout Street South, London Ontario N6C 3Z5

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