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Labor law attorneys

  • Labor law attorneys
  • Labor law attorneys
  • Labor law attorneys


Thank you for visiting United Employees Law Group, your online resource for all matters to do with your employment concerns. We hope you’ll return again and again for all of your labor law questions. Our Los Angeles attorneys are here to assist you.


Are you battling discrimination or not getting paid what you’re owed?

I am Walter Haines, the owner of United Employees Law Group and an employment lawyer with a Proven Record of Success.

Of Course, all California labor attorneys are NOT created equal!

There are very good reasons employees just like you choose UELG to help protect their rights at work



WE ALL WISH WE HAD THE PERFECT JOB WITH A PERFECT BOSS. Nobody likes dealing with problems at work, but to be honest, most of us like the idea of dealing with lawyers even less. Unfortunately, in this imperfect world, you’re likely to need an attorney at some point, and when it s time to make that call, we strive to make it as painless as possible.

  1. We simplify the process. First you call or email and give us your basic information. Second, you will have a free consultation with one of our highly qualified CA Employment Attorneys. Third, we compile the documents needed to determine if you have a case and what type of case, it’s that easy to get the ball rolling.
  2. We ACTUALLY call you back. Crazy concept, I know, but we will actually respond to your calls and emails every step of the way. We know lawyers have a reputation for ignoring their clients until they feel like responding. NOT AT UELG. I take your questions and concerns seriously and will personally respond if you ever feel this is happening to you.
  3. Practice makes Powerful. Experience counts and we have over 35 yrs. practicing CA Law. Our firm has extensive knowledge of employment law including the newest CA Labor Codes, and we have handled over 1500 labor law cases.
  4. Money Talks, We get results. At the end of the day you want a lawyer who can win your case, right? We have advocated for clients and collected awards over $250 million. That pretty much says it all don’t you think?

The experience and tenacity of the employment attorneys of United Employees Law group can mean all the difference when it comes to the results you achieve on your California Labor Law Case. While many employment attorneys focus just on discrimination or harassment, our team knows all the ins and outs of overtime claims, meal and break periods, and other payroll related claims as well. We cover them all for one very good reason: most employers willing to break one law are usually willing to break another.

Our California employment attorneys will look at your case from ALL angles in an effort to help you collect everything you are owed.

Employment Claims Come in Many Forms and “Knowledge is Power”

UELG’s attorneys have extensive knowledge of the countless requirements for the treatment and compensation of employees just like you, under California labor law.

We have used this expertise to collect awards over $250 Million for our clients in cases including the following areas:

  • Overtime and Overtime exemption issues
  • Misused meals and break periods
  • Unpaid Vacation or Sick pay
  • Disputed reimbursable expenses
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliation and,
  • Employment Class Action: we have collected awards from companies like Cisco Systems, AT T, First American and Yahoo. We won’t shy away from any good claim.

A skilled California employment attorney can identify whether your employer is treating you fairly and can give you specific advice based on your particular employment situation. Our Los Angeles attorneys understand the intricacies of the ever changing California labor code, including the newest laws and the important court cases that impact California employees.

According to Forbes.com, in an ever changing economy, many employers have cut costs at the expense of the worker. When this occurs, it is common for our attorneys to witness abuse of employees wages as well as conditions at work. This is why we take a whole picture approach; many employees who come to us with an overtime issue really have an overtime and discrimination case or wrongful termination case.

Employers, whether intentionally or not, routinely fail to pay employees properly when it comes to something as simple as minimum wage pay for all hours worked, or paying for non-commuting mileage such as travel between job sites. These amounts add up quickly if left unchecked by a California labor law attorney.

Ready to get help with your employer issue? We are waiting to hear from you. Call now for your free case review.

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