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MBA Curriculum

All Conditionally Classified M.B.A. students must fulfill the University Writing Skills Requirement (UWSR) and M.B.A. program proficiencies. The Writing Skills Requirement could be met as an undergraduate or graduate student at one of the CSU system campuses, with a score of 4.5 or better on the GMAT essay, by passing the Writing Skills Test (WST) or through coursework. Information about the Writing Skills Test and the courses can be found on the Testing Office website. The Website contains information on test dates, registration procedures and fees. Further information can be obtained from the Testing Office, Library, Room LI 3165A, phone 510-885-3661. If students have not satisfied the UWSR before they begin their graduate work, they must either take the WST or enroll in a first tier course by the end of their first quarter in the program.

Students are also expected to have completed M.B.A. proficiency requirements in introductory mathematics and statistics with a grade of “C” or better and within 7 years of starting in program. To satisfy the mathematics proficiency, students must complete the equivalent coursework to MATH 1130. The statistics requirement may be met by a course in statistics that is equivalent to STAT 2010 or STAT 1000

Fundamental Courses

Fundamental coursework must be completed before enrolling in any M.B.A. core course, except MKTG 6120 Managerial Communication and MGMT 6120 Globalization, Innovation and Sustainability. Fundamental coursework can be waived by passing an exam on a course by course basis. Exams are offered once per quarter. There is a fee of $25 for each exam.

  • ACCT 6015 Financial Accounting
  • ITM 6015 Information Systems Development and Management
  • MGMT 6015 Data Analysis and Decision Modeling for Managers

Core Coursework

  • MGMT 6120 and MKTG 6120 should be taken before other core courses.
    • These two courses only require proficiencies as prerequisites. All remaining core courses require both proficiencies and fundamental coursework.
  • MGMT 6120 Globalization, Innovation and Sustainability
  • MKTG 6120 Managerial Communication
  • ACCT 6215 Managerial Accounting
  • ECON 6215 Economics for Managers in a Global Economy
  • FIN 6215 Corporate Financial Management
  • MGMT 6215 Business, Government and Society
  • MGMT 6220 Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • MGMT 6225 Executive Leadership
  • MKTG 6215 Marketing Management


  • ENTR 6800 Entrepreneurship Practicum or
  • MGMT 6800 Seminar in Strategic Management

Electives or Option

Students take any 3 courses at the 6100 level or beyond selected from ACCT, ECON, ENTR, FIN, ITM, MGMT, or MKTG. Courses cannot otherwise be used as part of their degree program.

Students select one of the following options:

Entrepreneurship Option (12 units)

Required Courses (12 units)

  • ENTR 6480 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • ENTR 6485 New Venture Development
  • MGMT 6520 Negotiation for Managers and Entrepreneurs

Select three courses from the following:

  • FIN 6305 New Venture Financing
  • FIN 6310 Seminar in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • FIN 6315 Seminar in Options and Futures
  • FIN 6320 Studies in Financial Markets
  • FIN 6325 Financial Management of Banking Institutions
  • FIN 6360 Management of Risk and Insurance
  • FIN 6375 International Financial Management

Human Resources and Organizational Behavior Option (12 units)

  1. Required course (4 units)
    • MGMT 6612 Strategic Human Resources: Frameworks for General Managers
  2. Electives (8 units). Select two courses from the following (we highly recommend that 3 courses be taken):
    • MGMT 6520 Negotiation for Managers and Entrepreneurs
    • MGMT 6550 Research Methods for the Successful Manager
    • MGMT 6560 High Performance Management
    • MGMT 6613 Topics in Human Resource Management
    • MGMT 6615 Strategic Compensation, Incentives, and Productivity (Note: Please see Errata page for corrections to this content.)
    • MGMT 6618 Selecting, Maintaining and Retaining Employees
    • MGMT 6675 International Human Resource Management

Information Technology Management Option (12 units)

  1. Required Courses (8 units)
    • ITM 6271 Database Management and Applications
    • ITM 6273 Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  2. Electives within Information Technology Management (4 units). Select one course from the following:
    • ITM 6130 Enterprise Management Systems
    • MGMT 6155 Applied Project Management (4)
    • ITM 6278 E-Business Systems Development

Marketing Management Option (12 units)

Select three courses from the following:

  • MKTG 6401 Marketing Research
  • MKTG 6410 Buyer Behavior
  • MKTG 6411 Product Management
  • MKTG 6412 Pricing Management
  • MKTG 6413 Integrated Marketing Communication
  • MKTG 6414 Distribution Management
  • MKTG 6420 Seminar in Marketing Strategy
  • MKTG 6450 Seminar in Selected Marketing Topics
  • MKTG 6470 International Marketing

Operations and Supply Chain Management Option (12 units)

Select three courses from the following:

  • MGMT 6115 E-Commerce Enterprise Management
  • MGMT 6125 Purchasing Management Strategic Sourcing
  • MGMT 6130 Enterprise Planning and Control
  • MGMT 6141 Service Operations Management
  • MGMT 6145 Logistics Management
  • MGMT 6150 Global Supply Chain Management
  • MGMT 6155 Applied Project Management

Strategy and International Business Option (12 units)

Select three courses from the following:

  • MGMT 6420 Competitive Strategy
  • MGMT 6440 Global Strategy
  • MGMT 6460 Strategic Management for a Sustainable Society
  • MGMT 6470 Management of Technology and Innovation
  • MGMT 6570 Management of the Multinational Firm

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