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MBA does NOT stand for entitlement

What does mba stand forMBA does NOT stand for entitlement

I earned my MBA in 2012. I was taking classes online and working full time. Not to mention raising 2 beautiful little boys and carrying a third. I was working hard to provide a life for my children and goals that they would strive to achieve when they got older. However, through my journey I have discovered that many MBA graduates have a different opinion about the degree than I do.

Where I stand

Here’s my thought. The MBA is a tool that leads to a higher glass ceiling. It is something that normally comes into play later on in one’s career and should be a weapon in your reserves that is only used later on in the battle when you are closer to winning the war. It is not the bow and arrow that you use when you are fighting the front line and simply trying to survive the first of many rounds. Yes, my MBA is listed on my resume, however it is NOT my go-to in interviews or even conversations. I almost downplay it to ensure that the “over-qualified” (she thinks she deserves more money because she has a fancy degree) note is not written on my application.

Where I have seen many others standing

I am not going to attach this to all MBA graduates, but I have seen many peers feel that having their MBA does entitle them to a higher pay or a better position even though they are just ENTERING the work force.. This could not be farther from the truth. Did your MBA teach you how deal with people in your desired industry? Doubting it. Did it teach you how to break down the steps it takes to get a grant approved for education and training courses at a plant, did it teach you how to motivate your grant coordinator to get the information you need to you before the actual grant deadline? I think not. Did it teach you to show up on time, to stay positive when your tasks seem daunting, to be a hard worker and team player? Again, not likely. THESE are the things that employers are going to need; specific qualifications for the position they need to fill. Let’s be honest, just about anyone who is motivated to attain their MBA can do so. If I can do it with 2 1/2 children and a full time job, I’m betting the majority of you can too.

Here’s the cold, hard truth

I have found that having my MBA has been more of a hindrance than a help at this early stage in my career. I’ve literally been told by companies I have interviewed with that “You’re over-qualified, you shouldn’t be applying to positions like this” (ok, you called me in for the interview- why waste my time?); “We can’t afford to pay you what you should earn with your education” (why would I have applied if I wasn’t willing to accept the compensation listed in the post?); and my favorite “We are looking for someone who will stay in this position long term and we feel that you would want to experience advancement at a quicker pace than we can afford” (how about you just tell me how long you expect me to stay in one position and I will be the judge of whether I can accept that or not?).

Going to an interview with realistic expectations is a necessity. Being prepared to explain how you do not expect your degree to get you any special treatment at this point in your career is important as it is usually the first one or two questions I am asked. Understanding that having this magical MBA is not going to get you some high paying executive position is the only way to avoid disappointment. And putting that degree on the shelf until you have actually earned the right to use it through experience and hard work is key to long term advancement as well as finding a job to begin with.

What does mba stand for

Take a look at the figures found by Prodigy finance and tell me which category you fall in.. are you a realist and fact-oriented or have you allowed yourself to fall into the idealistic bunch that feel that entitlement that is so undeserved?

So stop being so pompous, work hard, enjoy the journey and enter the workforce with a realistic attitude. There is no better way to grow into a CEO position of a company than learning it every step of the way- from the bottom up!

**Side note: my goal here is not to judge others, it is simply to remind them of humility and reason if they have fallen off of that path. If you are offended by this or any future posts, maybe it hits home. #FFT (food for thought)

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