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northwestern university mba

Our MD Curriculum trains students to practice 21st-century medicine. Our educational program offers an integrated, learner-centered environment that promotes inquiry, continuity and evidence-based learning

Dual-Degree Programs

Northwestern University and Feinberg offer students a number of ways to personalize their education. Learn more about our formal undergrad and dual-degree programs.


Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health

The MD/MPH Program allows students in the medical school to earn a master of Public Health degree part-time in the evening while they earn a MD at Feinberg. Administered through the Department of Preventive Medicine, students should first be accepted into the medical school before applying to the Graduate School.

Doctor of Medicine/Master of Science in Healthcare Quality Patient Safety

The Master of Science in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety is part-time and can be completed in the first two years of medical school while allowing students to continue their medical education.


Doctor of Medicine/PhD (Medical Scientist Training Program, MSTP)

The MSTP program allows students to work towards both an MD and PhD degree through the medical school and the Graduate School, respectively. Students are first admitted to the medical school before applying for the MSTP.


Doctor of Medicine/Master of Business Administration

Feinberg students can combine their medical training with an MBA from Kellogg through Northwestern’s joint degree program. Students will apply during their third year of medical school. After completing the third year, students will enroll at Kellogg and spend approximately 9 months completing their core courses through the MS in Management studies program based on the Chicago campus. The remainder of the MBA degree requirements can be completed at the Chicago or Evanston campuses. A GMAT or GRE score is required for all candidates applying to the MD-MBA joint degree program.

Doctor of Medicine/Master of Medical Humanities Bioethics

The Combined MD/MA Program is designed for students at Feinberg who are interested in earning an MA in Medical Humanities Bioethics concurrently with their MD.

Early Decision Programs

Honors Program in Medical Education

The Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME) offers a unique educational experience for talented students anticipating a career in medicine or medical science. The HPME fosters flexibility and creativity in the undergraduate education while reducing the pressures related to gaining acceptance to medical school. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the reduced pressure by exploring and challenging themselves personally and professionally to prepare a solid foundation for success in medical school and for leadership roles in their careers in medicine. Since the HPME accepts a limited number of students, only those who demonstrate superior high school achievement and academic aptitude and who apply directly from high school are considered. Students enrolled in HPME are expected to maintain a GPA greater than 3.5 in order to matriculate at Feinberg.


Northwestern Undergraduate Premedical Scholars Program

The Northwestern Undergraduate Premedical Scholars Program (NUPSP) is an early MD acceptance program into the Feinberg School of Medicine for high achieving Northwestern University undergraduate students with a demonstrated commitment to a career as a physician. Northwestern University students are accepted during their third undergraduate year for matriculation into the Feinberg School after their 4th or senior year.

More Programs

A full list of all Feinberg programs and certifications are available via Feinberg’s Education main page.

Community Engagement

Northwestern university mba

The Feinberg MD program encourages our students to use their expertise to build healthier, happier communities. Through opportunities with global health, volunteerism at community clinics and the Education-Centered Medical Home training program, students learn while they provide a vital community service.

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