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Learn what is involved in using data wisely to build a culture of collaborative inquiry. Educators have an ever-increasing stream of data at their fingertips, but knowing how to use this data to improve learning and teaching — how to make it less overwhelming, more useful, and part of an effective collaborative process — can be challenging.

L’Éducation par la recherche désigne à la fois la posture de l’enseignant comme pédagogue-chercheur et l’initiation des élèves aux méthodes de la recherche et à son éthique. En prenant modèle sur la recherche, la culture scolaire renoue avec la rigueur de la démarche, le développement de l’esprit critique, la volonté d’explorer l’inconnu et d’innover, la créativité et la collaboration.

How is a satellite built? How do they fly? How do they communicate and how does the network operate? You will get all the answers in this course from teachers and researchers from three schools associated with Institut Mines-Télécom.

Discounted cash flow method means that we can find firm value by discounting future cash flows of a firm. That is, firm value is present value of cash flows a firm generates in the future. In order to understand the meaning of present value, we are going to discuss time value of money, first. That is, the value of $100 today is different from the value of $100 a year later. Then, what should be the present value of $100 that you are going to receive in 1 year? How about the value of $100 dollars that you are going to receive every year for next 10 years? How about forever? After taking this course, you are going to be able to find the present value of these types of cash flows in the future.

Learn how to bridge from diverse genomic assay and annotation structures to data analysis and research presentations via innovative approaches to computing. If you’re interested in data analysis and interpretation, then this is the data science course for you.

Explore data analysis of several experimental protocols, using open source software, including R and Bioconductor. We will explain how to start with raw data, and perform the standard processing and normalization steps to get to the point where one can investigate relevant biological questions.

El curso está enfocado en los ámbitos generales y específicos de la negociación, donde será posible reconocer los diferentes estilos y estrategias existentes. Para esto, se profundizará en las reglas y etapas involucradas en un proceso de resolución de conflictos, mediante el estudio de casos cotidianos que permitirán la identificación, reflexión y puesta en práctica de técnicas de negociación.

El curso tiene como propósito introducir a los participantes en los fundamentos de la Antropología Cristiana, a través de la reflexión sobre las experiencias personales e históricas fundamentales del ser humano en el mundo, a la luz de la fe y el encuentro con Jesucristo.

Este curso va dirigido a todos quienes desean conocer las distintas dimensiones, conceptos fundamentales, competencias, desafíos y oportunidades que involucra la profesión docente, en tiempos donde la comunicación, la tecnología y los constantes cambios de la sociedad han llevado a replantearse los procesos de enseñanza y aprendizaje.

Un ciudadano del siglo XXI requiere comprender la sociedad en que vive, conociendo sus deberes y derechos, además de las diversas formas de participación. En este curso proponemos hacer un análisis crítico de cómo ha cambiado el concepto de ciudadano durante la historia, además de las diversas formas de participación, poniendo especial énfasis en los problemas de las sociedades contemporáneas vinculadas al rol del ciudadano y sus características.

Clive Wearing is an accomplished musician who lost his ability to form new memories when he became sick at the age of 46. While he can remember how to play the piano perfectly, he cannot remember what he ate for breakfast just an hour ago (Sacks, 2007). James Wannerton experiences a taste sensation that is associated with the sound of words. His former girlfriend’s name tastes like rhubarb (Mundasad, 2013). John Nash is a brilliant mathematician and Nobel Prize winner. However, while he was a professor at MIT, he would tell people that the New York Times contained coded messages from extraterrestrial beings that were intended for him. He also began to hear voices and became suspicious of the people around him. Soon thereafter, Nash was diagnosed with schizophrenia and admitted to a state-run mental institution (O’Connor Robertson, 2002). Nash was the subject of the 2001 movie A Beautiful Mind. Why did these people have these experiences? How does the human brain work? And what is the connection between the brain’s internal processes and people’s external behaviors? This mini MOOC will introduce you to various ways that the field of psychology has explored these questions.

Have you ever wondered whether the violence you see on television affects your behavior? Are you more likely to behave aggressively in real life after watching people behave violently in dramatic situations on the screen? Or, could seeing fictional violence actually get aggression out of your system, causing you to be more peaceful? How are children influenced by the media they are exposed to? A psychologist interested in the relationship between behavior and exposure to violent images might ask these very questions.

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Este curso tiene por objetivo que los estudiantes adquieran conocimientos y aprendan a hacer uso efectivo de metodologías para el desarrollo de emprendimientos dinámicos en etapa temprana, que sean capaces de formular un modelo de negocio inicial, que conozcan un proceso disciplinado para su validación y escalamiento comercial, cuantifiquen adecuadamente su oportunidad de mercado y posean las herramientas suficientes para presentar sus negocios y lograr obtener financiamiento semilla.

El curso de “Alfabetización Científica: Ciencia para todos” es un curso que pretende llevar los aspectos más prácticos de la ciencia y la comunicación científica para que el ciudadano aproveche el conocimiento científico y su estrategia para informarse, opinar o tomar decisiones fundado en este ámbito de la cultura humana, de forma de diferenciar la información respaldada en base a evidencias vs información basura o charlatanes.

In this six-week capstone course, you will gain practical management experience in a safe, simulated software production setting. You will apply Agile practices and techniques to conquer industry-inspired challenges. Interacting with a realistic client, you will discern what they want and express what they truly need in software requirements to drive software production.

This course covers techniques for monitoring your projects in order to align client needs, project plans, and software production. It focuses on metrics and reviews to track and improve project progress and software quality.

This course covers the techniques required to break down and map requirements into plans that will ultimately drive software production.

This course covers practical techniques to elicit and express software requirements from client interactions.

This course delves into a variety of processes to structure software development. It also covers the foundations of core Agile practices, such as Extreme Programming and Scrum.

This course highlights the importance and role of software product management. It also provides an overview of the specialization, as well as its goals, structure, and expectations. The course explains the value of process, requirements, planning, and monitoring in producing better software.

Doing Business in China Capstone enables you to apply your skills to real business challenges. You’ll use your newly earned business skills to identify, explore and evaluate a real opportunity involving products.

An entrepreneur is someone who is always on the lookout for problems that can be turned into opportunities and finds creative ways to leverage limited resources to reach their goals. In this course, learners will be introduced to the fundamental concepts, theories, and frameworks of entrepreneurship and learn how to apply them within the context of the world’s largest market: China.

This course is designed to help you, as a strategist of a foreign company, better understand how to develop your China strategy. Specifically, after studying China’s changing strategic landscape, you will focus on mastering three strategic issues: who – the major players in China, how – the entry modes, and where – the location strategy for your China business.

This course is designed to help learners sell their products, goods and services to Chinese consumers. To achieve this goal, the course will use evidence-based research in psychology, economics, legal studies and marketing to help learners understand the historical, economic and legal contexts of doing business in China and the behavioral characteristics of Chinese consumers.

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