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New York Law Schools

New York is home to the city that never sleeps. With several top law schools, including at least three which consistently rank among the top 20, it’s also filled with its fair share of law students that never sleep. One of the major benefits of going to law school in New York is the access it affords to the New York legal market, which incorporates the heart of the U.S. financial sector, among others. With all of the domestic and international financial transactions taking place in the state, it’s no surprise that New York has had the highest number of active attorneys even though it’s the fourth largest state in the union.

Unique Law School Opportunities

Studying law in the same jurisdiction that governs Wall Street and some of the largest national and international corporations, not to mention one of the most diverse populations in the world, presents many unique opportunities for students. These opportunities are reflected in the wide range of programs offered in New York’s law schools which include, among others, the following centers and institutes:

As you research the law schools you would like to attend, pay special attention to any unique practice areas and courses that you can learn while a student. After all, going to a law school where you can obtain specialized knowledge of particular practice areas is one way to stand out when you graduate and enter one of the largest legal markets in the country.

The Money Factor

Given that five of New York’s top law schools are located in New York City, going to one of these schools would mean living in one of the most expensive areas in the country. Before making the move, you should check out the CNN Cost of Living Calculator to get an idea of what it would cost to live in New York. Keep in mind that some of New York’s law schools, such as Albany Law School and Syracuse University College of Law are outside of the Big Apple and may be more financially appealing. Also, New York has a decent public transportation system, which may make it possible to attend schools in the city while living in farther, but less expensive areas.

With the potential costs associated with going to law school in New York, it’s important to carefully consider all of the financial assistance that may be available to you. Having a good financial plan before law school can make a tremendous difference once you’re armed with your degree and ready to take on the world.

ABA-Approved New York Law Schools

To learn more, a list of law schools in New York approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) is provided in the chart below.

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