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Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services

Office of Emergency Management

  • Executive Law Article 6-C Office of Fire Prevention and Control
  • County Law 225-a Fire training and mutual aid programs
  • Civil Service Law 58-a Requirements for provisional or permanent appointment of certain firefighters
  • Criminal Procedure Law 2.10 (79) Persons designated as peace officers
  • Education Law 807-a Fire inspections
  • Education Law 807-b College fire inspections
  • Executive Law 837-o Search for arson conviction records of volunteer firefighter applicants
  • General Municipal Law 72-g Expenses of volunteer firefighters attending training schools and instruction courses
  • General Municipal Law 91-a Arson investigation
  • General Municipal Law 204-c Plan for arson investigation
  • General Municipal Law 204-d Duties of the fire chief
  • General Municipal Law 204-f Plan for hazardous materials incidents response
  • General Municipal Law 209-bb Specialized teams
  • General Municipal Law 209-c Fire police squads of fire departments and fire companies
  • General Municipal Law 209-cc Notification of presence of wild animals and dangerous dogs
  • General Municipal Law 209-e Fire mobilization and mutual aid plan
  • General Municipal Law 209-u Notification of presence of hazardous materials
  • General Municipal Law 209-w Permanent appointment of fire fighters; completion of training program
  • General Municipal Law 209-x Training of certain paid city firemen promoted to a first-line supervisory position
  • Insurance Law 318 Reports of fire losses; availability of information
  • Insurance Law 3409 Distribution of hazardous material report forms
  • Penal Law 265.26 Burn injury and wounds to be reported
  • State Finance Law 54-e State assistance to reimburse municipalities for firefighting costs
  • State Finance Law 97-pp New York state emergency services revolving loan account
  • State Finance Law 99-q Volunteer firefighting and volunteer emergency services recruitment and retention fund
  • Town Law 176-b Volunteer members of fire district fire companies
  • Vehicle and Traffic Law 115-a Fire vehicle
  • Title 9 Subtitle F Chapter III – Fire Safety
    • 9 NYCRR Part 205 Fire Mobilization and Mutual Aid Plan
  • Title 19 Chapter XII – Office of Fire Prevention and Control
    • 19 NYCRR Part 425 Payment to Municipalities for Firefighting Costs Incurred in Fighting Fires on Property Under the Jurisdiction of the State of New York
    • 19 NYCRR Part 426 Minimum Standards for Firefighting Personnel in the State of New York
    • 19 NYCRR Part 427 Minimum Standards for Firefighting Personnel in the State of New York–Administrative Procedures
    • 19 NYCRR Part 428 Reporting of the Presence of Hazardous Materials
    • 19 NYCRR Part 429Fire Safety Standards for Cigarettes
    • 19 NYCRR Part 437 Training of First-Line Supervisors at the New York City Fire Academy
    • 19 NYCRR Part 438 New York State Fire Training Program – Minimum Standards
    • 19 NYCRR Part 451 Fire Academy Grants and Bequests Account
    • 19 NYCRR Part 452 New York Fire Academy Account
    • 19 NYCRR Part 500 Campus Fire Safety
  • Title 19 Chapter XVI – Wild Animals
    • 19 NYCRR Part 820 Required Annual Reporting of the Presence of Wild Animals

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Personal Privacy Protection Law, Article 6-A,

95(b) – denial of access to records

Archives and Records Management Law for the Records of New York State Government.

  • Health and Human Services: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
    • The HIPAA Law and Related Information

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