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Who are we ?

Online Ph.D. UK is an Advisory Centre for Ph.D.students and is an internationalvoluntary service that provides FREE educational advice and guidance to students from all over the world. We also appreciate the importance of the global educational environment, hence our site provides information about universities and available Ph.D.s around the world (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India, UAE. etc).

Our main aim is providing high quality services to students and their host academic institute (University).

Our Services to Students

  1. Funding Advice We specialize in providing advice on a wide range of sources of funding (scholarships and bursaries ) available for postgraduate education and training around the globe.
  2. Advice about Study Options Our site format allows students to understand categories of distance Ph.D. (split-site, pure distance, online and professional doctorates with low residency).
  3. Student Support and Advisory service Our support group specialize in assisting students throughout the life cycle of the postgraduate study program and beyond for career placement and continued professional development.

Our Services to Universities
Our services to Universities include consulting on postgraduate educational programs, academic policy and process review and recommendations.

How to do a PhD online

For the scholar seeking to complete his Doctorate degree, there are many online PhD uk programs that are as unique and varried as the individual themselves. The structure of these programs can range from formal, structured type programs to the more informal, do it at your own pace.

PhD online programs differ in their scope and credits required to complete. When considering PhD online programs try to choose one that is cost effective, yet interesting to you. PhD online programs are a lot of work and if you are not motivated and find the program not interesting. You won t finish. Remember, you will not have the motivating factor of having to get up and go to class; you will have to be your own motivation.

PhD online programs are not meant to be an easy way toward a degree, just more convenient. It requires work, work, and more work to complete a PhD online program. For most students, depending upon the area of study, the research portion of the PhD program proves the most difficult. But, persistence and perseverance will pay off.

Some PhD online programs may require campus visits for brief periods of time at intervals, others may allow you to complete the degree completely online. Be sure to check the degree requirements for this information before you enroll.

There is no right or wrong way to complete your PhD online. The deciding factor is finding the right university/institute giving accredited degrees with interesting PhD topics. In this regard, do your through research to find the right university and the right PhD program. Use websites like and to do your comprehensive research.

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