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How Online Learning Works

I found a strong interaction with my instructor and classmates; we were consistently pushed to strive for excellence in our work and think critically about the material and how it is relevant in today’s world.

Online classes

For more than 100 years, Penn State has been delivering education at a distance, beginning with our correspondence courses in 1892. Using the latest technologies, we put a Penn State education within reach for people who aren’t able to attend classes on campus or commit to full-time enrollment. Today, adult learners just like you are earning their degrees online through Penn State World Campus.

Anywhere, Anytime, Online

You can complete many of our degree programs at your own pace. World Campus courses are asynchronous — meaning you don’t have to attend online classes at a specific time. Our students use a combination of self-study and peer-to-peer interaction over an online learning network to facilitate instruction. You’ll complete weekly assignments, readings, discussions, and occasional group work, as well as exams and other activities designed to enhance learning outcomes, all at times that are most convenient to you.

What to Expect

As an online student, you will interact with people from different backgrounds and situations, affording you with opportunities to experience many perspectives and concepts throughout your studies. Using chat, video conferencing, phone calls, email, social media, bulletin boards, and more, you’ll stay connected with fellow students and faculty, building personal networks along the way.

Your courses are developed by faculty and technologists who understand the specific needs of learners in an online environment. Special consideration is given to advance planning and setting expectations in the online classroom, so each curriculum is outlined in a syllabus distributed at the start of the course. This document provides an overview of the course assignments, grading strategy, student and faculty expectations, and course materials, as well as an understanding of the course goals and learning outcomes.

The Online Learning Experience Video

Learn more about how online learning works at Penn State World Campus in this video:

Online classes

Residency Requirements

A small number of our graduate degree programs feature a short residency designed to help students explore concepts that are best demonstrated face-to-face, while networking with each other and faculty. Most of our residencies are a few days to two weeks in duration, and occur with advance notice to allow students to make personal and professional accommodations. Programs that include a residency requirement are our MBA (Master of Business Administration), Master of Finance, Master of Health Administration, and Master’s in Supply Chain Management.

This is my Life

Online classes

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