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Welcome to Purple Blossom Yoga Studio

Your Greenville Yoga Studio

New Client Special! 2 weeks / $25

Enjoy yoga in our studio, check out the teachers and find a class that fits you. Buy yours here now!

This is a one time offer for new yoga students, Aerial classes are not included.

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Welcome to your yoga experience

The word yoga means union and refers to the spiritual union between the mind and the body. By harmonizing the breath and holding the body in steady poses or asanas , yoga helps to create balance within the body. Asanas are specifically designed to sculpt the body, release muscular tension, and tone internal organs. By linking breath with movement, yoga strengthens the mind-body connection. Regular yoga students benefit from less stress and anxiety, a centered mind, and an enhanced sense of well being. Regular yoga practice at Purple Blossom Yoga Studio will cultivate mindfulness and presence for a healthier lifestyle.

Our skillful instructors help all our yogis, beginner as well as experienced, go deeper in their practice while respecting individual needs. We encourage all yogis to move towards a mindful practice that balances the physicality of asanas with breath work and meditation. We invite you to enter the studio with a beginner s mind and be open to the possibilities of your practice.

Life can sometimes be complicated, stressful and frustrating. We want to teach you to notice your breath, body and encourage movement thru the practice of yoga asana. Yoga is breath, movement and attention to your body. At Purple Blossom Yoga Studio, we are committed to high quality instruction in a safe, friendly, inclusive atmosphere serving people who want to integrate yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle. We offer a diverse program of yoga classes including Hatha yoga, gentle yoga, Ashtanga yoga, hot yoga, aerial and more. Our instructors work to provide the tools and guidance necessary to help you develop your strength, stamina, emotional balance, and a greater since of well-being. We practice in a non-competitive environment that welcomes all levels of experience. All of our yoga instructors are certified with 200 hours or more in yoga teacher training and CPR trained. They are skilled, nurturing women and men who emphasize proper alignment, relaxation as well as the mind-body connection in order to foster an empowering sense of self and the community as a whole.

Open your heart, body mind with compassionate yoga instruction in

Uptown Greenville, North Carolina !

I have been a member of Purple Blossom for almost 3 years. I came to the studio not knowing a single pose or much about the philosophy and yet after each class I felt drawn more and more to yoga and the atmosphere at PB. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to learn and practice yoga in a beautiful environment with great teachers. Their experience has helped me advance my practice and achieve many goals. Thanks to Purple Blossom yoga has become a part of me. Every day I look forward to take a class at the studio.

Like home Absolutely love Purple Blossom! As a newbie in town, I felt welcomed. My relationship with the studio has concluded one year. I cannot find the words to express my immense gratitude. There is love, care, and competence in every single inch and in every single person in this studio. Go, enjoy and discover your yoga self.

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