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Software for law firms

Law firm softwareThe provision of legal services is a challenging business it all comes down to people, knowledge, and relationships.

Your lawyers, solicitors, attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals go to work each day to address key legal issues for your clients. Ensuring they can do their job effectively is not easy: How do you train and develop them? How do you equip them with the tools they need to do the job? Or to leverage knowledge from across the firm? Or even to manage time and expenses without undue administrative hassles?

n addition to the day-to-day work, there are a number of specific challenges at the overall firm level. How do you raise the profile of your law firm and communicate with clients, prospects, and the broader community? How do you get real-time visibility on the key drivers of your profitability? How do you manage the selection, retention and training of your valuable professionals? Or manage the sales process and keep track of client relationships?

The right software can be a powerful asset in running a successful law firm. There is legal software available to streamline and improve each key function in your business are you taking full advantage of it?

Common types of software for law firms

Software can help improve all parts of your law firm. Some of the most common software solutions found in law firms are:

How to find the right software for your law firm

Get A Shortlist

If you have a budget of $10,000 or more and are looking for ERP/PSA or CRM solution for your firm, take advantage of our free shortlisting service to get connected with a shortlist of 3 to 5 highly relevant vendors. Simply fill in the webform about your needs, one of our consultants will call you up for a quick and free discussion, and before long we ll introduce you to specific providers who are well-placed to help. It s convenient and 100% free for you. Submit your ERP/PSA or CRM requirements now for a free shortlist

Law firm software

ERP Shortlist

If you re looking for a single integrated solution to manage your legal practice, visit ERP Shortlist ( to see top vendors, customer case studies and thought-provoking white papers as well as a range of expert articles and useful downloads. You can use filters to zoom in on industry specific content, such as case studies for professional service firms. It s all free, with registration required to download some resources.

CRM Shortlist

If you need a system to keep track of your contacts and manage your client relationships, check out the great solutions available at CRM Shortlist ( See detailed profiles of leading CRM software, as well as case studies, whitepapers, articles and resources. It s all free.

Timesheets for Lawyers

If you need a timesheet software (perhaps including expense management as well), check out this specific page for detailed information and a shortlist of online timesheet solutions that are well-suited to lawyers and legal professionals.

Software Directory

If you re after other software types, we encourage you to browse our software directory to find quality providers. It s a great way to find out who s out there and what they offer, and you can click through to their website to find out more.

About Software Shortlist

Software Shortlist is a trusted third party that provides free information and services to software buyers to help them find relevant vendors.

  • Get A Shortlist: free matching service designed to connect you with a highly relevant list of 3 to 5 vendors
  • ERP Shortlist: find an integrated system to manage your entire business. See case studies, whitepapers, articles & buyers guide.
  • CRM Shortlist: connect with your customers and suppliers with the right CRM system. Free case studies, whitepapers, and articles.
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Law firm softwareLaw firm software

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Law firm software

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