Mar 15 2020

Special Education Law – the IEP, special education laws.

#Special #education #laws Special Education Law the IEP Special education laws give children with disabilities and their parents important rights. Specifically, the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) gives families of special education children the right to: have their child assessed or tested to determine special education eligibility and needs inspect and review school records relating to their child attend an annual “individualized education program” (IEP) meeting and develop a written IEP plan with representatives of the local school district, and resolve disputes with the school district through an impartial administrative and legal process. Eligibility Under IDEA Every school …

Mar 14 2020

Special Education, special education law.

#Special #education #law Special Education If public schools can t or won t provide appropriate special education programs for students with disabilities, federal law gives parents the righ . read more What Services Are Available If Your Child Doesn t Qualify for Special Ed Under the IDEA?by E.A. Gjelten, Author and Editor Students with physical or mental disabilities including some medical conditions may be able to get accommodations and services at school under Section 504, even if they aren t eligible . Read more The U.S. Supreme Court has said that public schools must provide special education that s appropriately …