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Taking An Online/Correspondence Course

Sometimes an online, correspondence or hybrid course, will offer additional convenience. To be successful in a course that is delivered in an alternative format, there are aspects of your life that must come together. To determine whether or not this type of course is conducive to your life and learning style, we recommend that you complete the Online Learning Success Indicator Quiz and that you review an Online Learning Study Guide .

A number of factors determine the classification of a course. Click on the terms below to read more in-depth descriptions of the class formats.

Term-Based Courses

Term-Based courses are courses that ARE eligible for financial aid and follow the regular semester dates for start and end time. For example, a Fall Term-Based course will start in September and end in December, and a Spring Term-Based course will start in January and end in May. Additionally, these types of courses could be online or by correspondence. See your financial aid advisor for more on the cost of these courses and eligibility for financial aid.

Non-Term Based Courses

Non-Term Based courses ARE NOT eligible for financial aid. These courses do not follow the standard semester schedule and could be either online or via correspondence. Generally, these courses last for two semesters (a full year). Please see our financial aid advisor for more on the cost of these courses and eligibility for financial aid.

Online Courses

Online courses are offered entirely via the Internet in Desire 2 Learn (D2L). The D2L system is a secured access website that is only available to current students. To access this system, you will need to have access to your HOME school e-mail account. Once the semester begins, the course will show in D2L (syllabus, assignments, chat features, class notes, etc.).

Correspondence Courses

Correspondence courses are courses delivered entirely by mail. These courses offer students an alternative learning experience that is more self-driven. All necessary course materials and information is sent via the US Postal Service to your indicated home address. Students complete various assignments and then send them back to the university (distance education department) offering the course. The assignments are then graded and returned to the student via mail; moreover, instructors provide feedback on class assignments and exams via mail. Many correspondence courses are delivered via a two semester time frame (not eligible for financial aid); however, some are offered within the semester time frame (eligible for financial aid).

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are courses that have an online component while also requiring a traditional face-to-face meeting. For example, you may take a chemistry course face-to-face at University Center (or your home campus); however, the class may meet a few times online instead of in a class. At point of registration in Webadvisor, there will be notes in the Meeting Information area indicating whether or not the course is in this format.

Finding Courses and Programs

Follow these instructions to search and register for courses. You can also see what programs might be available entirely online by visiting the websites of each partner institution below.

  • To find or register for a course, visit Webadvisor and use the Search for Sections link.
  • If you are a current student, you can log-in to Webadvisor and choose Search and Register for Sections.
  • When presented with the search screen, select INT-Internet or COR-Correspondence for the location area.

Taking The Course

Online or hybrid classes are delivered in the D2L system. You can access the system via this address. This secured-access system is designed to promote learning in and out of the classroom. To gain access to D2L, you must have access to and regular interaction with your home school e-mail account. If you do not know your home school e-mail address or are unsure how to access the account, click here .

Books and Course Materials

If you take a course that is completely delivered via online/correspondence, the Center Shop at University Center will NOT have your books/materials. Instead, you will need to contact the bookstore of the university providing the course to have books/materials delivered to you. See the links below.


It s likely that your class will have exams that require proctoring. University Center s Testing and Resource Center can serve as your proctor. Be sure to obtain the proctor form from your professor, complete it, and then provide it to the UC Testing and Resource Center if you plan on taking your exams at University Center.

Distance Education Offices, Bookstores and Technical Support

The University of South Dakota

South Dakota State University

Dakota State University

Black Hills State University

Northern State University

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

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