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Online Universities

A resource for students interested in an alternative to the traditional campus college experience,’s goal is to assist students in finding the best universities online that fit their needs and demands.

University online

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Potential Online Learners like you can use our popular program searches to find accredited online schools that fit your career and education goals.

Featured Top Online Colleges

For 40 years, Walden University has helped working professionals reach their educational goals. Walden degree and certificate programs are designed to help students gain relevant skills that can be applied in the real world.

Ashford University’s mission is to provide accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality degree programs that meet the needs of individuals pursuing excellence in their lives, professions and communities.

Capella University offers online programs designed to take you to the forefront of your profession. The curriculum delivers real-world skills and knowledge, so that what you learn is immediately applicable to your career goals.

Distance learners can earn degrees from Kaplan University online or at one of its more than a dozen campuses. The private university has more than 32,000 students enrolled throughout its system and features over 100 online degree programs in subjects ranging from fire science to law.

Education Articles

Traditional, classroom-based education is not always the best fit for everyone. Go through our guides to discover more about the growing trend of attending universities online, and how distance learning is making higher education more accessible for students and educators alike.

For Students

  • University online

Introduction to Online Learning: Are You Ready to Be an Online Learner?

How to Search the Invisible Web

While the pages and media found via simple searches may seem unendingly huge at times, what is submerged and largely unseen – often referred to as the invisible web or deep web – is in fact far, far View More

College, Accreditation, and You

A host of online universities offer a variety of programs, promising affordability and flexibility. Before prospective students consider them further, there’s something else that’s important to check View More

For Educators

  • University online

The Art of Online Instruction

Intro to Online Course Design

What does it take to ensure that an online university program is effective and engaging? Here are components to consider. View More

Tech Literacy II: Skills for the Online Instructor

To teach online, you won’t need to know how to code a program, but you will certainly need to educate yourself in some basic Internet and computer skills, such as instructional design and building on View More

A University for the 21 Century

Tomorrow’s University Will Be

A number of forces are changing the world and the education you need to succeed in it. Is your university ready for the 21st century?

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Are online universities legitimate?

Information to help students feel assured that their online program will result in a legitimate, respectable degree, as long as they attend an accredited university. Includes tips for researching and doing background checks on online universities.

How can I check if an online university is accredited?

Information showing students different ways they can validate an online university’s accreditation, ensuring that their degree will be a legitimate one.

What kind of degree programs are available online?

Information highlighting some of the typical programs and degree types offered by online universities.

How are online universities accredited?

An overview of the accreditation process and purpose, helping students, professors, recruiters and employers understand how online programs meet standards of quality.

What should I know before enrolling in an online university?

Information to help students gauge their potential performance and enjoyment in an online university environment.

Are online degrees respected in the job market?

Information to help students market their online degrees in today’s competitive job market. Also includes tips for finding respectable online programs that are accredited and will prepare students for practical, in-demand careers.

How can I find the best online school for me?

Information to help students research and choose accredited, quality-driven online colleges and programs.

How do online classes work?

Information to help students understand the day-to-day mechanics of taking an online class, communicating with professors, and completing and submitting assignments.

How do online universities differ from traditional universities?

Information to help students understand the differences in class structure, communication with professors, and other issues between online universities and traditional, campus-based colleges.

How much do online universities cost?

Information about the typical costs students can expect to accrue after enrolling in an online program.

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