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The Best JD MBA Programs

The JD MBA combined degree programs are offered in a number of different schools. Where you earn this very competitive dual degree may be an important consideration for future employers. Below is a list of some of the top schools known for their excellence in offering this combined program of study.

Harvard, Cambridge Massachusetts

Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, both schools whose names carry significant weight on their own, have joined to offer the combined JD MBA program. Their rigorous program of study lasts for four years instead of the five it would normally take if earning the degrees consecutively. Students study one full year at each school, first Law and then Business, and then the final two years combine both disciplines. This joint program is one of the oldest in the US and is considered by many employers to be the best in the country.

Stanford, Silicon Valley California

Stanford is also among the countryВ’s oldest of schools to offer this joint program of study. Having small class sizes, Stanford is well known for both disciplines, and many of its graduates have gone on to find remarkable success. Stanford excels at immersing students in cross-cultural studies that focus on both worlds of Business and Law. Students study a variety of different specialties, ranging from management and computer science, to environmental policy and bioengineering. This school prides itself in graduating well-rounded, highly adept students.

Kellogg and Northwestern, Chicago Illinois

Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern Law have joined to offer a combined JD MBA program. Graduates from this program can be confident that they have earned a very in depth education, one that offers a variety of specialities and is considered to be one of the most thoroughly integrated joint programs available. This program is somewhat unique, as well, in that it is considered to be an accelerated course of study: this JD MBA program has been condensed down to three years of study. They have accomplished this by allowing students to study full time through the summers. This has students in the work force much earlier than their peers attending other institutions.

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Jd mba programs

Yale, New Haven Connecticut

The Yale Law School and Yale School of Management also offers an accelerated course of study, allowing students to complete their JD MBA requirements in less time than students who study in conventional joint degree programs. Yale offers this course of study in three years, however, in contrast to Kellogg, no summer studies are required. This allows students to take on summer work, which can be an important tool if work is necessary to help cover study costs. Yale is highly regarded as a consummate provider of high quality education and its JD MBA graduates are in high demand.

It is important to remember that the years spent in school are valuable not just for the education that is learned, but also for the friends that are made. In the case of joint Business and Law studies, students can be sure they have spent their formative professional years networking with others who are likely to be their work peers in the near future.

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Jd mba programs

Jd mba programs

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