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The Lasik Vision Institute Reviews

I have been working at The Lasik Vision Institute full-time (More than a year)

I can t tell you how happy I am with my job! I almost didn t take the job based on the reviews on here, but I really liked the people who interviewed me and I took a chance. It s nice to have work/ life balance, and make a great living. We get Sunday s and Monday s off, so I am able to go to appointments during the week, and not miss work. We have an administrative day on Thursday s, where we don t see patients, and we get to get caught up on administrative duties ( and dress casual). Goals are achieveable, and bonuses and commission are great. They don t skimp on paying their people. LVI wants to attract and retain the best talent. LVI offers monthly bonuses for ALL of the staff, and not just sales. When we achieve monthly goal, they pay for us to go to lunch. We go out for sushi almost every month. They also have monthly and quarterly contests to keep it fun. The surgeons, nurses, and doctors, are the best in the industry. I like that they are contracted, so the patients are truly getting an unbiased, medical opinion. Corporate listens. OMG. What a concept. Whenever I have a concern, it gets addressed. My boss is amazing. She thanks me for my hard work, is there when I need her, and supports me. We don t have a lot of unnecessary conference calls or busy paper work. I can not tell you how much I appreciate that about the company. They value my time. I love that I work for the largest provider of LASIK in the country, and that we have the most advanced technology. I like being on the winning team;) We are growing too!

You must be driven, up beat, organized, flexible, have stamina, and a true passion to help others. If you are okay with mediocrity, this job may not be for you.

I ve been with the company some time now. They have really streamelined the benefits and communication so we all know what s going on. I like the fact that our part time associates are getting benefits. I think that builds confidence and promotes longevity. Being the largest Lasik Company in the world does have it s perks. We can proud of the fact that we all have a part in growing our business.

Sometimes there is a disconnect between the corporate office and what happens in the field. Our regional manages try their best to communicate all of the goals but sometimes the feeling is that the corporate office doesn t hear our concerns. This may or may not be true but there is a feeling in the field that the voice of the real world is not heard.

Advice to Management

Listen to the folks on the front lines. They are the ones seeing the patients on a regular basis. Keep improving communication and keep up the great work expanding the company!!

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