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The Thomas M. Cooley Law School

PO Box 13038, 300 S. Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48901

9445 Camden Field Parkway, Riverview, FL 33578

Phone: 517.371.5140, ext. 2244; Fax: 517.334.5718

President’s Welcome

The Thomas M. Cooley Law School has earned the reputation for providing graduates with the practical skills necessary for a seamless transition from academia to the real world. Cooley’s emphasis on sound academic knowledge, practice skills, and professionalism prepares our graduates for roles of leadership. Cooley was established to provide an opportunity to those who share the dream of becoming a lawyer. Our stated mission is to provide access to the legal profession.

Choosing a law school is a daunting task, particularly with so much misinformation, subjectivity, and bias confronting the potential law student. When you are researching law schools, please look at the three essential attributes of every successful law school—high-quality people, an excellent legal education program, and first-class facilities. These attributes are what should guide your law school selection.

Cooley pioneered practice-based legal education, and has provided law students with the knowledge, skills, and ethics needed for successful practice since 1972. You are invited to learn more about why the people of Cooley are its greatest asset, how our program is a model of modern legal education theory and practice, and how Cooley’s facilities are unmatched in size, scope, functionality, and beauty.

People—Our Greatest Asset

Cooley is the largest law school in the nation with the largest full-time faculty in the country, nearly all of whom are former practicing lawyers or judges. Their highest priority is helping students become competent lawyers, and they are accessible and supportive of student activities.

A Global Community—Our students come from all 50 states, we lead all law schools in minority enrollment and foreign national students, and our graduates are found in every state and in numerous foreign countries. Our size and diversity allow our students to practice legal skills as they would in the real world—as a global community.

Knowledge, Skills, and Ethics

Broad Knowledge and Practical Curriculum—Cooley’s 90-credit-hour curriculum provides all students with the substantive knowledge, legal skills, and ethics needed for bar examinations, law practice, and further graduate study. Students complete 63 hours of required substantive and skills-based courses, and have the option of focusing their electives in one of ten practice area concentrations.

Practical Skills and Clinics—Students build legal skills through simulation courses. Competitions in client counseling, negotiation, pretrial, trial, and appellate skills allow outstanding students to gain recognition on national teams competing against others across the country. Practice skills are woven into substantive courses throughout the curriculum. Cooley’s expansive clinical programs immerse students in hands-on learning. Students can choose from one of Cooley’s ten clinics or from more than 2,700 externship sites around the globe.

World Leader in Plain English Writing—Recognized as a world leader in training students in the use of plain language, Cooley has the preeminent research and writing program and an innovative curriculum.

Lifelong Ethics—Beginning with the application process, Cooley fosters a culture of professionalism. At each step of the law school journey, students are challenged to adopt professionalism as a way of life.

Facilities—Unmatched in Size and Beauty

Four Campus Locations in Michigan: Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, Grand Rapids, and Lansing, and one in Tampa Bay, Florida—Cooley’s five distinct campuses are unmatched in size and functionality. Each campus has a full complement of faculty, staff, libraries, and services. Our buildings and technology meet the academic and research needs of today’s legal community. High-tech courtrooms and classrooms are equipped with the latest technology to enhance the educational experience. Cooley’s library facilities are among the nation’s largest and finest. The 700,000+ volume collection includes research materials from all 50 states as well as federal and international materials.

Accessible, Affordable Legal Education

The Juris Doctor curriculum is offered at each of Cooley’s locations. Cooley operates a rolling admissions process with the option of starting classes in January, May, or September. Students can study full or part time. They can complete the JD degree in two to five years by choosing from flexible scheduling options. Classes are offered mornings, afternoons, evenings, and on weekends.

Cooley uses a straightforward, objective formula to determine eligibility (UGPA x 15 + Highest LSAT = Admission Index). Admission to Cooley is also contingent on meeting character and fitness standards. There is no application fee.

Scholarships—Thanks in part to a generous scholarship program, Cooley is among the nation’s most affordable independent law schools. Prospective students can determine the scholarship amount before applying. Students can earn up to 100 percent of tuition in two ways:

Michigan and Florida residents may qualify for resident and LSAT Honors Scholarships. Qualified Canadian students may be eligible to attend Cooley at a reduced cost. Transfer students are eligible for scholarships. Students retain their scholarships throughout their enrollment as long as they are not subject to sanctions under the Honor Code Disciplinary Procedures. Nonscholarship financial aid is available. Please refer to for the most current information.

Expenses—Tuition: $1,225 per credit hour in 2011–2012. Fees: $20 per term. See Cooley’s online tuition calculator to compare tuition costs.

An Active, Engaged Academic Community

Scholarly Community, Scholarly Publications—Cooley faculty have experience in practice, a focus on teaching, and an interest in scholarship. Cooley’s Thomas M. Cooley Law Review provides students opportunities to edit and publish traditional in-depth legal scholarship. The student editors of the Journal of Practical and Clinical Law work with lawyers and professors to address common concerns of lawyers and judges. Cooley’s newest publications, the Art and Museum Law Journal and the Journal of Ethics and Responsibility, expand scholarship opportunities. Symposia bring together scholars from around the world to discuss timely topics. Centers in Ethics and Responsibility, Forensic Science and the Law, and Indian Law foster discussion and research. Collaborations with major research institutions open opportunities for dual-degree programs, including Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration, Juris Doctor/Master of Social Work, and Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration programs with Oakland University and Western Michigan University. Service—Cooley strives to foster the highest caliber of relationships with surrounding communities. The Cooley Volunteer Corps matches organizations with students seeking substantive volunteer experiences. All students are members of the Student Bar Association, and there are more than 50 clubs and organizations in which students can become involved.

Commitment to Academic Success

Students receive support and enrichment at the Academic Resource Center (ARC). The staff provide ongoing assistance though Introduction to Law class, seminars, one-on-one coaching, and other programs to help students refine skills critical to a successful legal career. Cooley provides students with institutional support to prepare them for state bar examinations, including practice bar exams, prebar courses, and individual counseling. Computer-assisted legal instruction, assistance for students requiring disability accommodations, and other support services are all free to students.

A Culture of Professionalism

National Professionalism Award—Cooley was awarded the American Bar Association’s E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism Award for its innovative Professionalism Plan. Professional development combines classroom experience, volunteering, public service, pro bono work, clinical experience, employment, and mentoring. Faculty and Career and Professional Development staff assist students in developing professionalism portfolios that prepare them for their chosen careers. Students can take advantage of rГ©sumГ© review services, mock interview programs, online job bulletins, and workshops.

Graduate and International Studies

LLM—Cooley offers graduate law degrees in Tax, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law and Finance, Insurance Law, US Law for Foreign Lawyers, and Self-Directed Legal Studies. Dual JD/LLM degree programs are available. LLM tuition in 2011–2012 is $631 per credit hour.

International Studies—Cooley students study law around the world. Each January, Cooley’s 13-week program in Australia beckons students “down under.” In the summer, Cooley invites students to Toronto, Canada. Cooley cooperates with other law schools to provide students with options extending around the globe.

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