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The Top 10 Best Online MBA in Marketing Degree Programs

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Ranking The Top 10 Online MBA in Marketing Degree Programs

Online distance education has become more and more recognized and accepted over the past decade. Many working professionals wish to earn a marketing MBA but cannot pursue a degree from a traditional institution because of time constraints, responsibilities or a lack of suitable programs in their locations. This is a list of the top ten online MBA in Marketing programs available. All of the institutions on this list are regionally accredited and many have additional accreditations awarded to them by some of the top accrediting agencies in the country, making them quality MBA in Marketing Programs from which to choose. The programs are respected and diverse within the field of marketing, allowing those looking for something specific to find a program that meets their individual needs. The rankings are according to the history, accreditation and reputation of the institution first; and second, the flexibility and diversity offered by their specific program.

1. Northeastern University-MBA in Marketing

Founded in 1898, Northeastern University is one of the oldest and largest research universities in Boston. Located near the financial district, the school has a long history of partnership with the financial institutions of the city. Northeastern offers one of the premier online MBA in Marketing programs. The institution is highly regarded and recognized by the premier business school accrediting body. The marketing concentration is comprehensive. Students learn the fundamental thinking necessary for proper brand management and market research. The program is flexible and has been developed in such a way as to fit the schedule of the busy working professional.
Accreditation: Regional, AASCB

2. University of Liverpool-MBA in Marketing

While doing your research on MBA in Marketing programs, you will find that the University of Liverpool has a lot to offer. Granted its Royal Charter in 1903, the University of Liverpool has a long tradition of excellence in education. It is one of largest research universities in the United Kingdom and has branched into online education as well as traditional campus based programs. This rich history of education combined with flexible, high quality online programs makes the University of Liverpool an attractive choice for those looking into MBA in Marketing programs and wishing to earn a degree that offers a global perspective in the concentration of marketing.
Accreditation:Royal Charter Granted 1903

3. Southern New Hampshire-MBA in Marketing

The marketing concentration at Southern New Hampshire University focuses on web marketing, website design and building brands using the internet. Their international MBA program is designed to make students competitive on a global scale focusing on greater cultural awareness and strong communication skills. The student will also learn about the global external influences on businesses as well as international law and a study of international politics likely to impact a multinational corporation. The online program at Southern New Hampshire University is ideal for an adult seeking quality education that takes into account their day to day responsibilities, so be sure to consider this school as part of your search for quality MBA in Marketing Programs.
Accreditation: Regional, ACBSP

4. Grand Canyon University-MBA in Marketing

A small, private Christian university, Grand Canyon University offers a unique approach to MBA in Marketing programs, focusing on integrity and a global economic perspective.

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