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Criminal Offences by Category

You Need an Experienced Criminal Lawyer on Your Side

Stephen Hebscher and Bruce Karten (Retired) are dedicated, honest, caring and well respected advocates who are considered to be among the top criminal lawyers in Toronto.

We bring you over 65 years of combined experience, and an excellent record of success in defending criminal charges. Our mission is to clear your name with no record and no jail time. You are not alone we will help and support you for a second chance at life.

Finding the best criminal lawyer Toronto has to offer may seem a daunting task, especially at the time when you need someone on your side right now. What matters the most when choosing a criminal defence lawyer to represent you? We feel that experience is crucial, and we have the track record to prove it.

Read the testimonials on our Google Business listing and on our website. Let our criminal law firm help you get the justice you deserve, just as we have helped many other clients in similar situations.

Watch the short videos below and get to know us here at The Criminal Law Team, and then call us to request your free consultation , which is always confidential. You may also use the form at the right to contact us via email. Let s get started on your case today .

Don t delay your justice any longer. Whether you ve been charged with a sex crime, drug possession, robbery or any other criminal offense, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. We have successfully defended our clients in the criminal justice system, giving us a reputation as a professional criminal defense law firm, and have been called the top criminal lawyer Toronto has to offer by some of our clients. Call our office at 416-550-6554 to get started on your case quickly and defend you in the courtroom!

Frequently Asked Questions

When the police contact you, it is not always clear if they are charging you with a criminal offence or investigating you. In either circumstance, it is important that you immediately obtain legal advice before speaking to the police. Anything you say to them will be used against you; there is no such thing as talking to the police off the record. By retaining The Criminal Law Team, we will discuss your predicament with you and speak to the officer to determine the extent of your jeopardy, and whether or not you should speak with the police. In rare circumstances where the police are only investigating, it may be advantageous for you to speak with them. However, it is crucial that you have the opportunity to discuss with us what if any involvement you may have had in the matter.

If the police have contacted you to speak with them, it is more important than ever that you assert your right to speak with an experienced criminal lawyer and call us immediately. Before you say or do anything, call Stephen directly at 416-550-6554 to discuss your situation.

There is no right to have a lawyer beside you when the police are questioning you about a criminal offence, but you do have the right to speak to a lawyer before any questioning or interrogation begins. Once you are in the interrogation room, the police have the power to question you for as long as they believe necessary without anyone there to help you. Anything you say to the police could be used as evidence against you, which is why your liberty could depend on speaking with an experienced criminal lawyer. Call us at 416-550-6554 to speak to Stephen before going to the police station and before in any way discussing the matter with the police. We know how to assess your specific situation and will train you on how to deal with particular police interrogation techniques that they will use to try and get you to answer their questions.

The police have the power to release you directly from the station in many situations without going to court. However, whether they will release you will depend on many factors including the seriousness of the charges, your criminal record, and whether they believe you will show up to court if released. If the police choose not to release you, they will bring you to court for a bail hearing.

If you’ve been arrested or charged, it is most important that you speak to The Criminal Law Team, so that we can discuss your situation with you in great detail, speak to the officer to try to arrange for your release, and to ensure that you do not incriminate yourself. Call us day or night at 416-550-6554 to speak with Stephen immediately.

All criminal charges, even the most minor, can end up with serious consequences if you are found guilty. A criminal conviction will result in a criminal record that may make finding employment and travelling difficult for the rest of your life. Travel to the USA is problematic for anyone with a criminal record or even a conditional discharge. This is why it is so important to hire The Criminal Law Team right from the beginning. When you call us, we will guide you through the entire process. When you call us, we will discuss the many ways in which we can resolve your case without you having a criminal record. If you’ve been charged with a crime, no matter how minor or serious you think it is, call us at 416-550-6554 to speak with Stephen. We offer a free consultation.

Each case is unique, and the cost will depend on an assessment of your situation. Just as a mechanic would have to inspect your car before giving you a repair estimate, an experienced criminal lawyer needs to sit down with you and review your case in full detail before giving you a price. We need to understand the seriousness of the allegations and what your goals are, to determine what steps we need to take for your defence. We are usually able to give you an estimated range of price to represent you whether the matter is resolved before trial, or has to go to trial. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, or believe you may be charged, call us at 416-550-6554 for a free consultation with Stephen.

Just because you have been denied Legal Aid does not mean you can’t afford our fees. We are always sensitive to our clients’ financial circumstances and are willing to consider payment plans. As well, in certain situations, we may be able to bring an Application on your behalf ordering funding for your defence. If you’ve been denied Legal Aid or believe that you cannot afford a lawyer, call us at 416-550-6554 to see how we can help.

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, it is important to have an experienced criminal lawyer representing you, even if you think you have no defence. If you call us, we have the expertise to determine what defences are available to you that you may not be aware of, whether your rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms were violated, and if there is anything in your personal circumstances, including mental health issues, that could be helpful to your defence. Even if we determine that you have no defence, we still may be able to obtain a result for you where you do not have a permanent criminal record. If you’ve been charged, call us at 416-550-6554 to discuss your case directly with Stephen.

We understand that clients and their families are going through a difficult time when the client is in crisis, and is charged with a criminal offence. They are desperately seeking solutions. Stephen Hebscher has over 32 years of experience in representing clients with mental health and addiction issues. Stephen’s usual practice is to have the client assessed to determine whether the client’s issues were a factor in the commission of the offences. We have access to mental health and addiction professionals who can provide support and counseling to our clients, as well as progress reports to the court. We provide support, treatment, counseling, and the expertise to obtain the best possible result in the circumstances. Most importantly, we recognize that treating mental illness or addiction will allow the client and his family to get the help they need so they can move on with their lives. If you or your loved one has been charged, and has a mental illness or an addiction, call us at 416-550-6554 to discuss your case confidentially with Stephen. We are here to help and to get results!

The penalties and consequences for sexual offences can be severe, including lengthy prison sentences and registration as a sex offender. If you have been charged with a sexual offence, call The Criminal Law Team immediately. Stephen Hebscher has over 32 years of experience representing individuals charged with sexual offences, including sexual assault, sexual interference, child pornography and internet-related offences. Many of these cases come down to credibility, and we have many resources available to us that will greatly assist us in defending the charges against you. In the present political climate, where the presumption of innocence is being eroded with respect to sexual offences, it is all the more important that you have an experienced criminal defence lawyer on your side. Call us immediately at 416-550-6554 to discuss your case confidentially with Stephen.

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