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Accredited Online Law Programs

Online law schools

Kaplan University, the highest ranking school below, will train students through its law programs to become law professionals, tax lawyers, judges, paralegals, etc. and set them up well for future employment. At present, there are 13,140 people employed as administrative law judges, adjudicators, and hearing officers alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $87,620. Arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators make on average $63,250 per year and there are about 8,110 of them employed today according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Online law schools

MSCJ – Law

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice – Law degree program is designed to help advance the careers of persons who currently have a bachelor’s degree. This program provides students with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the field of criminal justice. There are two courses of study within this program, the non-thesis track, which contains practical law enforcement applications, and the research-based thesis path, which centers on criminal justice theory and prepares students to be instructors in criminal justice. Graduates will be able to hold a variety of occupations including law enforcement, security, court systems, education, and training. Additionally, the Law specialization provides more of a focus on laws and how they apply to the criminal justice spectrum.

Online law schools

A.S. In Legal Studies

Online law schools

Bachelor’s (BSCJ) – Law Enforcement

The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice provides students with a broad based education in criminal justice studies. The curriculum is designed to give students a professional education in the criminal justice field, with particular emphases in policing, courts, criminology, corrections, juvenile justice, and the field of forensic science. The focus is to provide students with an education that will help them master the skills and expertise needed to work in the field of criminal justice.

Online law schools

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Specialization

The South University Criminal Justice program offers a course of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. This course of study is designed to give students broad perspectives on the causes of crime and critical insights to the functions of the components of the criminal justice system. Courses in the program deal with crime, violence, and other forms of deviance and the responses to these problems by police, courts, and corrections; contemporary criminal justice issues; and ethical concerns and research. Students majoring in criminal justice receive excellent preparation for further study in graduate or professional schools as well as for careers in the criminal justice system.

Online law schools

Associate of Criminal Justice in Law Enforcement

Using rigorous class preparations and unique learning experiences, this concentration offers 21 courses with special emphasis on law enforcement, supervision, criminal investigation, and corrections. Ivy Bridge graduates with an ACJ in Law Enforcement can continue their studies at a four-year institution, or jump right into a high-demand position armed with the inquiry, practice, and interpersonal skills required at all levels of law enforcement.

Online law schools

Master of Science in Law

In the MSL program at Champlain College, we see the law not as a set of rules but as a set of tools – tools to heighten the career development of managers, strategists, and policy creators in a wide range of fields including business and manufacturing, human resources, health and elder services, and advanced paralegal practice.

Online law schools

Master of Science of the Law (JSM) in International Taxation and Financial Services

Online law schools

Executive Juris Doctor (EJD)

The Executive Juris Doctor – Health Law online degree program at Concord Law School provides an exciting alternative to the JD degree for those who have a personal or professional interest in a challenging law education, but do not want to address the regulatory requirements associated with becoming a member of the bar. Executive Juris Doctor – Health Law Track, one of online degree programs at Concord Law School, is designed for those who want to gain a sophisticated knowledge of the law and sharpen their analytical reasoning and communication skills. The EJD law online degree program is a 72-unit, part-time program; unlike the four-year JD degree program, it is usually completed in three years. During their first year, students take the same foundation courses as JD law degree students. After the first year, students are encouraged to construct a curriculum plan centered on their interests and career needs.

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