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Top Law Schools Book Reviews

Law school booksBook Review: How to Get Into the Top Law Schools

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“Admission to law school consists of three steps: deciding to pursue law instead of another career, applying to law schools, and, finally, selecting a law school to attend.” more

Law school booksBook Comparisons: Law School Exam Guides

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“Final exams, particularly during the first year of law school, determine a student’s grades completely (or close to completely). For this reason, the market offers a wealth of books suggesting ways to succeed on law school exams.” more

Law school booksBook Review: One L

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“Turow begins the book by describing the difficulty of gaining admission to top law schools, the rigid emphasis on grades and LSAT scores, and the minutiae involved in selecting each class.” more

Law school booksBook Review: Planet Law School II

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“Finally, his tone is half- humorous, half-serious, and completely earnest. I cannot tell if Mr. Finch wishes me to laugh, succeed in law school, or merely take his word for it.” more

Law school booksBook Review: The Law School Breakthrough

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“Christopher Yianilos offers the soundest law school advice I have yet read. Overachievers beware, however: Breakthrough will not instruct you on the best techniques for outlining or how to be the best prepared for class.” more

Law school booksBook Review: The Complete Law School Companion

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“In the same vein, the author provides a sample format for examination answers that he suggests you memorize in order to be able to efficiently churn out your information during the exam period:” more

Law school booksBook Review: How to Succeed in Law School

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“This puzzled me until I realized that How to Succeed was not really a book of advice on how to succeed during the first year of law school.” more

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