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Simi Valley Bathroom Remodeling and Design Contractors

Simi Valley has always had a large demand for bathroom remodeling. With its emphasis on family and cost effective renovations, standard forms of remodeling take precedence over luxury, and residents can get a great deal from some of Simi Valley’s most reputable renovation companies.

The city of Simi Valley is enclosed by the Santa Susana Mountains and the Simi Hills, and is located west of the San Fernando Valley. It derives its name from the old Indian name for the area, “Shimiji.” It is a commuter bedroom community, and with its close proximity to Los Angeles, it’s a popular destination for Hollywood films.

The average income of Simi Valley residents is 91,000 dollars, and the average cost of homes in the area is just above 460,000 dollars. This means the typical home will have small to medium sized bathrooms, and usually more than one resident will use the same facilities.

The average cost for bathroom remodeling in Simi Valley is anywhere between 4 thousand to 8 thousand dollars depending on the specific demands of the project. Home owners in the area usually choose simple renovations that center around subtle styles and functionality. This may be because Simi Valley is a family oriented community, and the extravagant designs typical of other cities like Beverly Hills may not suit the lifestyle of its residents.

For bathrooms like these, durability and functionality are top priorities. When selecting a bathtub, most home owners select a material that can withstand the punishment of daily use such as acrylic or porcelain. Luxury showers with massage jets and dual shower heads are often substituted for showers with features that are both easy to clean and that save water, such as water saving showerheads .

When it comes to the design of the bathroom, painted walls are usually the more popular choice because of their low cost of installation and easy upkeep. Bathroom flooring such as ceramic and vinyl are the best choices for families because they can stand up to the punishment that comes with constant traffic.

A typical vanity in a Simi Valley home is comprised of a wood base with a ceramic counter top. As most homes have these types of vanities, they can be easily purchased at any local supply store for a great price. They can then be given to the renovation team for professional installation.

Or, if time is an issue for the client, all the amenities of a bathroom can be purchased for a great price directly from the contractor. From toilets, to bathtubs, to vanities, to simple towel racks, any reputable renovation company should charge the customer the same price for amenities as they would if they purchased the items themselves. They should also install them for a price that will add to the resale value of the home, not take away from it.

When beginning your bathroom remodeling project it’s important to consider your options. Maintaining the value of the home is one of the most important concerns for residents of Simi Valley, so finding the right renovation company is essential. For a free quote on your upcoming remodel, or to speak to a renovation specialist, call us at (818) 878-8588 and speak to a Simi Valley bathroom remodeling expert immediately. Quality and durability are just a phone call away.

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