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In today s world, Zoology colleges are charged with educating the scientists of the future. The world is reaching a time of ecological crisis and the disappearance of critical species of animals. In order to reverse this trend, Zoologist must obtain a complete understanding of the behavioral and biological make up of those species.

There are just over 75 quality and accredited Zoologist schools in America. These colleges with Zoology majors must provide a quality Zoologist education for the sake of the animal world.

According to, the following is a list of the best zoologist colleges in the U.S. The data is consistent with other lists provided on other sites and should provide a fair representation.

1. The University of Texas at Austin

Best  year degree programs

(Wikimedia) The University of Texas Austin

This school s campus is located in the city of Austin. The public university was founded in 1883. The school s Zoology program in the Health Science Center at the Houston campus. It is affiliated with the College of Natural Science under the Biology department. Students can earn a Bachelor s, Master s and Doctorate in Biology with a concentration on Zoology and Wildlife.

The course study focuses on general biology as well as animal evolution and behavior. The program requirements include extensive laboratory and field work. Annual Tuition: $10,078 (resident), $34,218 (non-resident)

Best  year degree programs

This Big Ten school was founded in 1871. The campus for this public university is located in Columbus. The Zoology program is found in the Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology. The department offers a BA/BS in Zoology. Coursework includes Biology, Animal Sciences, Anthropology, Bio-chemistry, Chemistry and Math plus four classes in a core group.

Courses for the core group include Biodiversity and Organismal Biology. The school also offers a Master s and PhD in Biology with a Zoology concentration. Annual Tuition: $10,010 (resident), $25,726 (non-resident)

3. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Best  year degree programs

While the school is listed in the Twin Cities, the main campus is actually located in Minneapolis. This public school was founded in 1851. The Zoology curriculum is administered by the College of Biological Sciences. Students would target a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Organismal Biology. Course work focuses on research and lab work, Biology, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology and Bio-Chemistry. The one-year Master of Biological Sciences degree is highly flexible and offers a concentration on Zoology and Organismal Biology. Annual Tuition: $12,060 (resident), $18,310 (non-resident)

Best  year degree programs

(Wikimedia) University of Florida

Located in the beautiful city of Gainesville, Florida University is a public school that was founded in 1853. The Zoology program can be found in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The school offers students a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. Classes include three zoology courses, Biology, Genetics, Chemistry and independent Zoology studies.

Course work must be complimented by lab and field work. Most careers in this field require advanced degrees. The school offers three different advanced degrees; Master of Science in Teaching, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. These programs all focus on Integrative Biology. Annual Tuition: $6,630 (resident), $28,908 (non-resident)

5. Arizona State University

Best  year degree programs

(Wikimedia) Arizona State University

ASU was founded in 1885. The main campus for this public school is located in the city of Tempe. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences (Animal Physiology Behavior). The program requires Calculus, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

From the animal prospective, students will be exposed to the evolution, molecular cell structure, environmental issues and organ structure for the animal kingdom. Students who desire an advanced degree will pursue a Master s and/or PhD in Biology with a concentration on Zoology, or a PhD in Animal Behavior. Annual Tuition: $9,484 (resident), $23,830 (non-resident)

Best  year degree programs

(Wikimedia) Texas A M University

This renowned public research military school was founded in 1876 and the main campus is located in College Station, Texas. The Department of Biology maintains responsibility over the Zoology program. The department offers a BS degree in Zoology with several concentrations. Their Zoology degree is a pathway into many fields including medicine, teaching and agriculture.

Course work includes class room studies plus mandatory lab and field research work. The department also offers a Master s and Doctorate program for Zoology majors. Annual Tuition: $10,600 (resident), $21,916 (non-resident)

7. Michigan State University

Best  year degree programs

(Wikimedia) Michigan State University

Michigan State is a state run university located in East Lansing. The school was founded in 1855. In this school, the Department of Zoology is located within the College of Natural Science. The Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology requires course work in the following areas; Chemistry, Math, Zoology, Cell Biology, Ecology and Evolution, Genetics Zoo and Aquarium Science.

In addition to the book studies, the department requires extensive lab and field research studies. The department also offers a BA in Zoology, MS in Zoology, a PhD in Environmental Toxicology, and a PhD in Zoology. Annual Tuition: $12,908 (resident), $33,796 (non-resident)

8. University of Wisconsin Madison

Best  year degree programs

(Wikimedia) University of Wisconsin Madison

This top Big Ten School was founded in 1848. It is a state university located in the city of Madison. At Wisconsin, the College of Letters and Sciences oversees the Zoology program. The college offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. The course work includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, 30 units in Zoology plus mandatory labs and research studies. When combined with the Master s and PhD programs in Zoology, the student will become proficient is in areas such as Ecology, Genetics and Molecular Cell Structure. Annual Tuition: $10,403 (resident), $26,653 (non-resident)

9. Indiana University Bloomington

Best  year degree programs

(Wikimedia) Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana is a public school founded in 1820 making it one of the oldest og the Big Ten schools. The school is located in Bloomington. The primary Zoology program is offered through the Northwest campus in Gary, In. It falls under the direction of the Biology Department. Students will declare their intention to pursue a BS in Biology with a Zoology concentrations. Most of the course work includes Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics and four Zoology courses. The degree also requires lab and research work. Advanced degrees includes MS and PhD in Biology with a concentration in Zoology. Annual Tuition: $10,208 (resident) $32,350 (non-resident)

10. University of Washington

Best  year degree programsThis west coast, public university was founded in 1861 and is located in Seattle. The Department of Biology offers two Bachelor s degrees with an emphasis on Zoology; B.S. in Ecology, Evolution, Conservation Biology and BS in General Biology.

Aside from the standard requirements (Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics), students will study Genetics, Cell Structure and Ecology. They will be involved in research studies in the field. The department also offers a MS in Biology and PhD program in Biological Sciences. Annual Tuition: $12,397 (resident), $31,971 (non-resident)

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