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What Does MBA Stand For?

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What does mba stand forPeople often use the term MBA in conversation, with the assumption that the definition of the tem is universally known. Well for those who don t know what MBA stands for, this article is for you. The MBA is a tertiary level college degree that is obtained after having successfully completed an undergraduate program. In the educational world as well as the business world having an MBA indicates that you have a deep understanding of how business works. And therefore you can be a huge asset either working for a company or as a successful entrepreneur.

Definition of MBA: What does MBA Stand for?

So what does MBA stand for? Admittedly this term can be confusing for some, as BA stands for Bachelors of Arts. Therefore on its face one could assume that MBA means Masters of Bachelors of Arts , and that simply doesn t make any sense. In fact, MBA is the acronym for masters of business administration, and is a high level degree that can open up many opportunities for the right candidate. This degree can be obtained only after obtaining a Bachelor s degree in any one of several fields of study. A person does not necessarily have to major in business in their undergraduate schooling to go after an MBA.

What Can Be Done with an MBA?

One of many advantages of having an MBA is the amount of flexibility when it comes to career choices. As I mentioned earlier, you could use the knowledge you gain from an MBA program to start your own business or help run and propel a business for an established company. Those who have an MBA are often found to be high level executives, such as Vice Presidents, CEOs, CFOs and CIOs and the like. Listing the possession of an MBA on a resume is certainly impressive. Some of the other careers held by those who have a MBA include, but are by no means limited to:

• Senior Credit Analyst

• Senior Financial Analyst

• Corporate Communications Manager

• Human Resources Director

• Market Research Analyst

Besides the vast amount of flexibility, the attractiveness of the MBA is that it allows those who have one to earn more money during the course of their lifetime. They are able to command a higher salary quite easily. Nevertheless, the popularity of the MBA means that employers still take several other factors into consideration. It is important that those who want to make the most money with their MBA stay competitive by having other impressive items to add to their resume.

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