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California Window Tint Laws

Is it Legal to Tint My Car Windows in California?

Please read entire document to the end. There is good news.

According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), there are three (3) main legal restrictions for window tint on a car in the State of California:
1) Front passenger s windows cannot have after-market tint. (Keep reading )
2) Windshields cannot have after-market tint.
3) If the rear window (rear windshield) receives aftermarket tint, the vehicle must have exterior rear view mirrors on both the left and right sides of the vehicle.

The good news is that the California tint law does allow the use of certain tint on the front side passenger windows on a motor vehicle. However, the tint film must be:

1) transparent,
2) clear and
3) colorless. Keep reading

Therefore, you can apply transparent, clear, colorless tint to the front side windows which will reject harmful UV rays.

Although it is not technically legal, some clients opt to apply window tinting to the front side windows that is not transparent, clear and colorless, but is several shades lighter than the rear window tint . Some clients feel the contrast between the light and dark tint makes the light tint much less conspicuous, and nearly undetectable.

Remember, the only people whose opinions really matter are the Police department and California Highway Patrol. Illegal tinting is probable cause to pull you over. So if you like to stop for happy hour on the way home from work, front passenger window tinting gives the cops a reason to pull you over. Most cops just want a clear view into the passenger compartment.

Front Windshield Tinting

The California tint law also prohibits front windshield tinting, but allows visor tint strips. There are very detailed specifications for visor strips, but it s doubtful that any CHP or Police would know the details and have a tape measure on hand to check your compliance.

Medical Exemptions to California Window Tinting Laws

Some States that disallow after-market tinting on the windshield or front passenger s windows, allow medical exemptions. However,
1) California does not allow medical exemptions to the motor vehicle window tint laws. *UPDATE* California allows an exemption if you have a doctor s RX and the tint must be removed at night.

Darkness of Tinting

California allows any darkness of tint to be used on the rear windows.

Tint Reflectivity

Window tinting must be no more reflective than a regular window glass. Therefore, mirrored or shinny tint is not allowed, nor is colored (red, green, blue, yellow) tint allowed.

State of California Resources

For further confirmation of the information on this page please visit the California Highway Patrol window tint webpage:

Unfortunately, the California Highway Patrol no longer posts this information on their website.

And the California Department of Motor Vehicles California Vehicle Code

Window Tint Application

Does the tint go on the inside of the car or the outside? The tint film is applied to the inside off all glass.

*This website does not offer legal advice and only offers personal opinions. You should verify all information at the California DMV website and the California Highway Patrol website. Links are given above.

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